A Reuters/Ipsos poll of 2016 voters found that if they had it to do over again, 88% of Trump voters would still vote for him. That might sound like slippage, but it’s pretty amazing considering the 24/7 negative attacks since the minute he was declared the winner of the election. And it’s actually up 6 points since May.

More interesting than the raw support numbers were the reasons Trump voters gave for backing him and sticking by him. While the media are fixated on alleged Russian interference in the election, many voters either don’t believe it made any difference or don’t care. They say they voted for Trump because they love their country and were afraid of what would happen to it if Hillary got into power. They also think he’s doing all he can, with the media, Democrats, deep-state bureaucrats and some Republicans all trying to block and undermine him. As for all the anti-Trump news stories, they think the media are just being ornery because Hillary was their darling and Trump beat her.

It’s nice to hear that even in the 24/7 electronic media age, Abe Lincoln’s warning still applies: you can’t fool all the people all of the time. Especially not Americans, who have pretty good built-in bull dropping detectors.


Interesting analysis

July 18, 2017

Interesting analysis of the trends in support or opposition to abortion over the past 20 or so years. Even though the nation as a whole is about equally divided on the issue, support for abortion among Democrats has risen to 71%. The party faithful have gone so far into the “pro-choice under all circumstances” tank that a moderate Democrat with views like those of the more pro-life Independents that Dems need to attract could never hope to win a Democratic nomination.

Democrats who wonder why they keep losing, and blame it on everything from sexism to Russia, might want to consider that maybe they’re becoming like the mock rock group, Spinal Tap: they aren’t losing their audience. Their appeal is just becoming “more selective.”


Democratic strategist James Carville has some industrial-strength partisan blinders (he wrote a book in 2009 about how the Democrats were going to rule America for the next 40 years; they lost the House one year later), but even he can’t polish up the donkey droppings facing the party in 2018. Carville is warning Democrats not to get their hopes up about taking back the Senate because it’s not very likely to happen, although he does say there’s a chance they could win the House back.

As long as we’re reviving the Ice Bucket Challenge to dump cold reality on delusional Democrats, I should also point out the fallacy in their theory about taking back the House. Hillary Clinton wants to hit the campaign trail again because, as she points out, there are over 20 districts up in 2018 that have Republican incumbents but where she beat Trump. She seems to think that means the voters there are turning leftward. No, that’s not what it means at all. It just means that a fair number of Republicans were so turned off by Trump or worried by the overwhelmingly negative ads and media coverage of him (he was an unknown quantity at the time, which scares some people) that they either didn’t vote or held their noses and voted for Hillary.

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That doesn’t mean that in 2018, they’ll eagerly rush to the polls to vote against Republican incumbents they know well and have already elected and, in some cases, reelected repeatedly. Also, I think you’re suffering from some pretty severe delusions if you think that having Hillary Clinton back on the campaign trail will inspire Republicans to turn out and vote any way other than straight Republican. No, I think the only way the Republicans will lose control in 2018 is if they keep failing to take the actions they promised the voters. In that case, Republicans won’t vote for Democrats, but they might decide there’s no point in voting at all and just stay home.