Give Kasich A Break

Apr 26 2016

The Cruz-Kasich alliance to deny delegates to Trump lasted all of one weekend. Who would’ve imagined these two would have trouble getting along with others? Comic Jimmy Kimmel said, “It’s a crazy plan, but as long as they did it three months ago, it just might work.”

Donald Trump not only blasted Cruz and Kasich for “colluding” against him, he also riffed on the “disgusting” way John Kasich eats food on the campaign trail. This is the type of both-barrels bluster his fans love, but that critics call vulgar and unpresidential. Personally, I think the Donald should get back to talking about the pocketbook issues that got his base fired up in the first place and cool the personal mockery. With the poll and delegate lead he has over Kasich, it just looks like he’s punching down.

Besides that, I feel a little sympathy for Kasich. When you’re campaigning, people hand you all kinds of foods they expect you to eat, and it can be awkward to try to oblige, especially when you’re in a hurry and it’s some messy and unfamiliar dish. For instance, this year marks the 40th anniversary of then-President Gerald Ford visiting the Alamo, being handed a tamale, and trying to eat it with the corn husk still on. It wasn’t his fault that nobody told him you have to take the wrapper off. Yet it’s 40 years later, and here we are still talking about it. I wonder which one we’ll remember longer: the Alamo or the Great Tamale Blunder?

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