Hillary Clinton and her supporters might think that it makes no difference, but the truth about the deadly raid on our diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya, is gradually coming to light. A member of the squadron at Aviano Air Base in Italy that was standing by to fly in and stop the attackers on that tragic night just spoke out exclusively to Fox News. He spoke anonymously, for fear of retribution. He says he and all his comrades were raring to go, but the order never came. And he says the official excuses don’t hold water.

There was plenty of time: their jet could have been in Libya in three hours; the assault went on for nine hours, and two of the four Americans who died were killed in a mortar blast toward the end. That plane also didn’t need a refueling tanker as the Administration claims; it could have used a “hot pit maneuver” that allows jets to refuel without shutting off their engines. This source said the military people are still haunted by the deaths they believe they could have prevented if they’d been given the order to go. But they were forced to sit there, which he believes was a political decision with deadly consequences. He said, “We had hours and hours to do something, and we did nothing.”

One of the people responsible for doing nothing (and who blamed a YouTube video, rolled her eyes over her conduct that night, and brushed off all criticism as partisan attacks) is now asking us to make her the person who answers the phone when that emergency call comes at 3 a.m. Well, it already came. As Americans were fighting for their lives against a terrorist assault and begging for help, and as our military members were begging to be allowed to save them, the phone in Washington rang at 3 a.m.…and 4…and 5… and it was allowed to go to voice mail.

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