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  • John Wright

    08/14/2014 11:33 AM

    Modern day American freedom and prosperity will not be healed or saved until it mournfully deals with the damage done to its children because of its adulteries, divorces, fornications, children born out of wedlock, passive and politically correct Christianity and gay marriage - which has codified sodomy into law. As a result devious schemes of evil and fraud will rise and overwhelm the benefits of God's miraculous gift - the best Bible, Constitution and Republic ever?known to man.

  • Joyce Wuetig

    05/14/2014 06:39 PM

    Please send me the name of the cancer drug being used by the wife of your show producer. I heard her talking about it last Friday on your show. Thank you very much!

  • John wright

    04/06/2014 12:48 PM

    CC Times 4/6/14 reported 42 year old tech Ross Dmochowski's online chat critical of Obama resulted in a bomb threat - and contributed to being fired from Yahoo.

  • Ann Wolff

    10/28/2013 04:35 PM

    Hi Mike. You say you read these posts so I am sending a couple of common sense ideas to save the US. Wouldn't it be cheaper and more efficient to set up a high risk pool for those with pre-existing conditions. The $650 Million ACA start up would be a great need to hire 16,000 IRS agents or "facilitators" Dispense it through Social Security which is already in place and functioning. Extend the taxable base amount..make it deductions. Wealthy retirees do not receive a monthly SS pay out, but get a tax deduction of the amount they would have received. This leaves more $$ in the SS fund for those that need it. Most retirees need Medicare coverage vs. social security payments Also, the deductions should be reversed..we take out more for Social Security than for Medicare though the cost for medicare is higher. All workers are entitled to Medicare coverage, but many do not need the SS payout. Give them a deduction so they will at least receive something for their contributions. I still would like to see the push for a flat tax..too many loopholes and too many cheaters. Americans should have access to medical insurance BUT they still should have the right to decide if they want it or not!! If they choose NOT to take it, they are responsible for the payment of their health care. e.g. If one chooses to smoke..their choice, then it is our right to not pay for lung compl
    ications. It was their choice and their responsibility!! Schools should be teaching that with "rights" come


  • Kaye Klassen

    10/28/2013 10:19 AM

    We watch you every week and love your show, but this week Fox News chose to have a football game on instead. Not happy

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