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  • David lL Hushman

    11/07/2013 09:01 PM

    I've been hearing talk about DHS Ordering 1.2 Billion Rounds Of ammo ( some are hollow point ) plus large amounts of Riot equipment !! On the Campaign Trail the Lying King Said" we need to establish a domestic army as well trained and equipped as our Military counterpart !! Governor; Could you Check this Out

  • Debra Heater

    11/06/2013 10:41 PM

    Please run for the next presidential election. I cannot take another minute of President Obama. I am upset every night when watching the news. I feel in my heart that Obama is the worst president that has ever held office. He has total disregard for the American people. He only thinks of himself.


    11/05/2013 08:32 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee
    Love your show and I won't
    miss one of your shows.
    The American people are in such a difficult time right now. The question that bothers me the most is why
    a man like President Obama chose this country to become a Dictator. This is
    the way I see him and so do
    many of my neighbors.
    If l5% of the USA does not have
    health care then why didn't
    Obama simply offer that group a reasonable health plan subsidized or not instead of including the whole USA. It is of the utmost importance that ALL
    Federal employees even Obama
    are included in this ObamaCare. What is good for
    the goose is good for the gander. Thanks for all your
    wonderful comments on your show----you tell it like it is and we so appreciate it.
    Many blessings.

  • Raleigh Johnson

    11/03/2013 12:52 AM

    Mike, one commenter expresses her frustration with President Obama and his administration for "decimating medicare", with the purpose of making medicaid the only option. She further states that "many doctors have already stopped seeing medicare patients because the writing is on the wall".
    The reality is doctors have indeed seen the writing on the wall which says "they can no longer fraudulently bill Medicare patients for medical procedures which they did not receive".
    The deceptive and hypocritic oath they earned is finally being challenged by the hippocratic oath they swore to keep.
    With regard to seniors and others knowing the facts; if they understand the facts it is doubtful they would have purchased the junk insurance policies which provided no coverage for catastrophic illnesses and left them without hope of recovering from the extreme financial out of pocket cost of uncovered medical bills.
    The first item on their bankrupcy list is medical bills.
    She also states that "there was a measure taken (an HR something)that disallowed republicans from questioning fraud in the 2012 election. If that is true it's because of the republican's reputation for "Straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel".
    Republicans are known for pulling the fire alarm lever after providing the gas, lighting the match and making sure the fire truck is drained of water.
    By the way, the raiding of Social Security funds preceded Obama's Presidency.
    The reference to President Obama as a Socialist, Communist, Marxist might possess some elements of truth, although overstated.
    Actually, before those terms were coined with such negative implications The Apostles, after the assention of our Lord Jesus Christ, oversaw a voluntary economic order to meet the needs of all members of the New Testament Church that mirrored what we know today as socialism. Acts:4:32-37.
    The use of the terms today is meant to instill fear, and hatred often by those who are greedy for gain and possess an "Us Four And No More" mentality.
    Both capitalism and socialism are flawed constructs because they rely on the corupt nature of man to administrate.
    We are not as bad as we could be but we are as bad off as we can be without Christ at the center of our lives and that we cannot blame on Obama.

    Raleigh Johnson

  • Cher Kautz

    11/02/2013 07:51 PM

    Now the latest is is closed down because of maintenance. Big Laugh,lol! What maintenance? They haven't even gotten it organized for efficient operation! Hope people are listening to what is really going on.

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