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  • Pamela Buckley

    05/29/2013 04:38 PM

    I like your show, but I am disappointed in your segment about the woman who was besieged by the IRS after forming a non-profit org to "Truethevote". It was not made clear that there is a big difference between a poll worker and a poll watcher. As you know, a poll watcher is hired by a candidate to ensure that a fair election takes place. Poll workers, like me, are trained by the state and work according to the Secretary of State's guidelines. No political overtones there.

  • Carole Depagnier

    05/24/2013 07:24 PM


    Dear Governor Mike Huckabee:

    I was reviewing a letter I wrote to you almost 5 years ago. It seems almost like I’m a prophet. I can’t believe that what’s going on is true, but, unfortunately, it is. How did we get here? With your background, you know.

    I watch old movies and wish we could go back to that time of more simplicity. Even the wars were less complicated. We knew more confidently who we were fighting. Now we can’t trust that our next door neighbor isn’t an enemy. I think back to teaching religion in a prison in Hudson, NY. Several of the inmates were wearing head coverings related to the Muslim religion. I thought nothing of it at the time, but now I’m not so sure it was as innocent as I might have thought.

    Keep up the good work. Watch your show every Saturday. Carole


    Dear Governor Mike Huckabee:

    You are certainly a busy guy! You are in such a good place right now to communicate to the PEOPLE. I don't think you were supposed to become President quite yet, but the process helped you get where you are now. Many of us didn't know you before this, but now we feel like you're a dear friend. I think because we feel we can trust what you say and you are funny (at the right time). And with a name like Huckabee you have to be really good. (With a name like Smuckers, you only have to be good).

    You used the word "transparent" in one of your recent emails. Even before that, it had become one of my favorite words when used in a lesson at church, on transfiguration. It's very important for the government to be transparent. Telling the truth to the people and making things clear saves a lot of wasted time trying to explain later, when things don't go well.

    Love your show on FOX. Also love your humor. It's so refreshing.

    Best wishes, (Mrs.) Carole Depagnier

  • Michael Baffuto

    05/24/2013 01:34 PM

    Governor Huckabee,

    Love your show, but I have one suggestion to improve it.
    Invite my friend Roger Mcguinn, founder and lead singer ot the Byrds to play guitar and sing with you. He and his wife are fine people, and he is an extremely talented musician.
    Keep up the good work.

  • George Colacicco

    05/24/2013 01:07 PM

    I find it ironic that former president George Bush Jr. is going to ride with wounded vets when he is responsible for canceling Agent Orange compensation to Vietnam Vets, Pure Hypocrisy.
    Furthermore, I think you should interview Chris Gibson, Congressman, 19th district, New York, regarding his bill in committee, HR 3612, Agent Orange Compensation for Blue Water Sailors.

    George Colacicco
    Vietnam Vet

  • Apostle Luis E Chaves Sr

    05/22/2013 01:50 PM

    Hello Mr. Huckabee,
    I wish to express my gratitude for your integrity and standards to which you uphold this nation and our constitution.

    Regarding the Benghazi situation, I wonder if you have heard of this report yet, which I found in the Politisite website. Here is the link regarding: ... I'm not quite sure if this report have been vetted ... but to say the least, it it's true ... we have a very serious problem in the WH ... I do continue to pray God's mercy for the President, as heavens knows, he needs it.

    Thank you for all your hard work for our country.

    Apostle Luis E Chaves Sr

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