Remember when educationists used to laugh that home schoolers were just right-wing religious nuts whose kids were getting a substandard education? Well, they’re not laughing anymore…Jack Kelly of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the number of home schoolers is exploding by about 7 percent a year. There are now about 2 million. And according to three new, major standardized tests, home schoolers ranked in the 89th percentile in reading, 86th in science and 84th in language, math and social studies. Where did public school students rank? In the 50th percentile – that’s over 30 points lower, for those of us who attended public school. And you’d need a real math whiz to calculate the odds of a public school student winning a spelling bee these days. To be fair, many public school teachers are dedicated, caring and hard-working. But the deck is stacked against them. Nobody cares about a kid’s education more than his own parents. Besides, real learning takes discipline. And just try disciplining kids in public school these days.

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