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  • Mary Burton

    09/21/2013 08:20 PM

    Did I hear Huckabee wants to wait until after the elections so we can get Republicans elected to cancel this Obamacare? Elections are a long way off and in the mean time, think of all the people who will suffer while we hope we can elect the right people.

  • Ellla G. Martin

    09/19/2013 03:23 AM

    The man that said he was self-employed for over 50 years had to pay into SS 15.2 % on his net profit plus the 7.6% that any employees he may have had. I know. My husband was self employed and I worked with him for the last 20 years of my working years. If our Gov. had done what they were supposed to with our SS. That is, hold it for our retirement with it drawing interest from (the poor banks that had to have a bail-out) I would have close to $1 million when I retired. As it is I'm living off my SS check and barely getting by. By the way, why has no one mentioned that Poor Fargo Bank that Pres. Bush gave billions to before he left office had just bought out South Trust 3 weeks before the "bail-out" was handed to them. I think someone should check into the Stock Holders of all the banks that got bail-outs. Sorry, on the subject of the Gov. telling our people that they have to pay for employees insurance, I think is unconstitutional. They need to control the Insurance Companies and Pharmacutial companys the way they deny certain medications that a persons needs to live.

  • James M. Copeland

    09/18/2013 04:44 PM

    I've worked every work day of my life since I was 16. I retired from my own business at 68 years of age. I have always kept my family fed, clothed and sheltered. I'm 72 now and the social security I worked for 52 years is to the point of not paying for our needs. The cost of living has escalated by almost 30% and the cost of living raise in social security has raised in 4 years by 1%. Now Obama wants to add Obamacare and increase the cost of living by another 30% right at the time my greatest risk of life is near. When his staff refuses to pay for my heart attack or my stroke because I'm too old, who is going to help me? I know, my Lord! He'll take me home!
    James M. Copeland
    (strong Huckabee supporter)

  • David England

    09/18/2013 08:15 AM

    Obama is recorded numerous times campaigning for his health care plan, that it would not cost business owners any additionaly cost. We have just been hit with one of the delayed "fees" (read tax) that has a little over $11,000 to the cost of our health insurance this year. We are a small company of 72 employees and cannot absorb this much of an unexpected hit. Obama care is costing companies and individuals more than they were paying previously. You can't get something for nothing,,,and we are beginning to get the bill.

  • eva scott

    09/18/2013 05:39 AM

    The Goverment will tell us anything to make this health care plan to look good. for one thing it has already caused my close friends health insurance to go from $150.00 to $250.00 thats already a rise of one hundred more dollars that my friend would have to pay but he said he isnt paying it he is going to something cheaper that will not cover hardly anything.we are forced anymore to do what we can not do when it comes to our money. I cant afford food week by week as it is.the goverment taxes us to death if they would drill for our oil we would have cheaper gas prices would boost our economy.forget the eviromenist its the human race that is suffering everyday we have the high gas prices people are hungry lets get the goverment to live by the words for the people by the people it is time they listen for a change

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