President Obama might need a little help focusing his laser beam…Details next…For five years now, most Americans have told pollsters that they want the government to fix the economy and create jobs. And President Obama promised to focus on that like a laser beam. Many times. Then, like a moth distracted by passing headlights, he chased off after one liberal dream after another: Obamacare, immigration, free birth control, electric cars. This week, he found two distractions from the left’s book of golden oldies: nuclear disarmament and climate change. It’s nice to dream of a peaceful world without nukes. But before we had nukes, we had two world wars. Frankly, I wish Obama would worry less about America having nukes and more about Iran having them. As for fighting climate change, that’s liberal code for higher taxes on energy and even more job-killing EPA regulations. Ironically, carbon emissions are already dropping in the US, thanks to something liberals hate: clean, cheap natural gas obtained from fracking. Americans want Obama to refocus, for the umpteenth time, on jobs. Maybe he could start small by creating a job for a laser beam repairman.

Oh, and as someone who’s made my own share of speeches, I’d like to offer the President a little advice. Think more carefully about where your speech will be given. If you’re going to lecture Americans about how we generate too much CO2 pollution, you probably shouldn’t do that in the middle of a two-continent tour, for which you’ve taken along Air Force One, a warship, fighter jets to patrol your airspace 24/7, and military cargo planes to transport a fleet of armored limos and SUVs. I have a feeling that just getting Obama to that speech generated more CO2 than most of us will in a lifetime.

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  • scott kiser

    06/27/2013 12:06 AM

    I am actually a laser beam repairman. I have been doing that job since I left the US Navy Submarine Service in 1996. I enjoy fixing lasers and getting companies back on track. I only turn work away when they call from a blue state or if the President were to ask for help. His beam needs to stay asymetrical and defocused since a focused beam is dangerous in the wrong hands.

  • Jim Misner

    06/23/2013 06:36 PM

    As a published composer, I would like to write a personal letter of thanks to Governor Huckabee and send him a brief musical C.D. Please let me know how to contact him or his office for this purpose. Thank you.
    Sincerely, Jim Misner

  • Connie Rone

    06/23/2013 09:30 AM

    My husband Sherman and I are Christian, Conservative Republicans. Now mind you, we are not that thrilled with what some of our Republican Officals are doing, but...they are what we have and we trust them more than we do the other party. I would like to know why is it that working as a hairdresser for 43 years, I have to stand in line behind people who have never, nor will ever work and they buy a better cut of meat than I can afford? I am not the only one that gets in a tizzy over that. What is it about not having morals, intrigity, honor, dignity that is such a bad thing? I'm not talking about the disabled,or on very hard times. I'm talking about the ones that consider the breadwinner of the family. If there ever was a class warfare BEFORE "The One" as I believe he likes to be called, stole the is NOW. The class warfare is much more worse than ever before. AND he's happy about it! Watch his face as he continues to campaign, spending all our tax $$ all the while telling the rich to give it up and the poor to take what they can get. How do we FIRE this guy? You find out, we'll sign it! We want our America of the free and home of the brave! Thank you are a true blessing to millions!

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