My Taco Stand...

Aug 26 2013

Are you ready to start talking about the next presidential race? Me, neither. But several Republican presidential hopefuls are already jockeying for 2016. And the Democrats all seem to think Hillary Clinton’s a lock. Except for Joe Biden, of course.

Personally, I don’t even want to think about it yet. But feminist author and Democrat Camille Paglia tossed a skunk into the party at by declaring that her party needs fresh blood, and asking, after Hillary’s disastrous management of our foreign policy, what has she actually accomplished that makes her qualified to be President? Well, I won’t wade into that briar patch. But this does bring up a larger point that’s worth talking about, even this far out.

In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of names tossed around as potential presidents, including first term Congress members, business tycoons, political commentators, wives of politicians, even Hollywood stars like Will Smith. But the presidency is not an entry level job. It’s the most difficult and important executive position in the world, requiring management skills and knowledge of everything from economics to defense. Our hiring choice will have grave implications for our children and grandchildren, and even for the survival of America. We live in a celebrity culture that glorifies the superficial. But we can’t pick someone to be President someone because they look good on TV, make an inspiring speech, or would be the first this or that to hold the office. America has 50 sitting governors and a lot of ex-governors who all have real experience at running large government systems. Before we let the media and political consultants sell us a celebrity for president, consider this: if you owned a small taco restaurant your family depended on for a living, would you hire someone to manage it who was glib and popular, but had no experience or track record of success? No? Then why would you trust the future of America to someone you wouldn’t trust to run a taco stand?

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    09/04/2013 07:24 PM

    the biggest danger to this country ( USA ) is not OBAMA or anyone ( rockstar, movie star, empty suit ...or dress , etc. etc. )like him, rather it would be the foolish who would beleive in him and his lies AND allow him to stay in office even though the facts of his incompetence slap them in the face daily !

  • Floyd Roger Hurt

    09/03/2013 11:27 PM

    I'm for bombing the Rebels.They pledged themselfs to the terrorist's.

  • Pam Mettee

    08/29/2013 10:14 PM

    We need a honest hard working President that knows what is going on AND HOW TO START TO FIX IT ! Remember when Obama ran the first time and all his empty Promises such as, "I WILL BALANCE THE BUDGET IN MY 1st TERM... I DON'T DESERVE A 2nd TERM" WE really needed Mr. Huckabee or Mr. Romney-- This country needs to be run like a business ! IF SOMETHING DOESN'T DONE SOON---THE MIDDLE CLASS WILL SUFFER THE MOST ! THE POOR WILL GET WHAT THEY NEED--FREE & THE VERY WEALTHY WILL STILL BE ABLE TO AFFORD WHAT THEY NEED---IT WILL BE THE MIDDLE CLASS THAT WILL HURT THE MOST ! PLEASE LORD SHOW US THE WAY OUT OF THIS ! I hope that GOD IS NOT SEEING US --AS HE DID --THE CITIES OF SODOM & GAMORAH ! God be with us !

  • THut

    08/27/2013 02:34 PM

    I have found three sites that are for defunding Obamacare. Do you know if all three sites
    are legitimate sites where people sign up to actually say that they do not want Obamacare.

    The first site is on your web site.

    The third site has Obamacare misspelled so I did not think that was a good site.

    Can you please say something about this on your next show? If some of these sites are not actual
    sites to help, then it is important to know that.

    Thanks for all the great information that you give out on your show. It is absolutely great to
    learn so many information things about our government and our country.

    Thank you.


  • james egelhoff

    08/26/2013 09:17 PM

    as far as handouts, Why not bring back self confidence to people on welfare by giveing them a job doing something to earn their 15$ an hour even if it is cleaning up churches,roads,and public places by picking up litter or babysitting(under supervision. things of this nature so they can get a feeling of self worth. Taking care of homeless. We need to have bigger investigation of the food stamp program becase if you are a family of two making 30,000 a year you still make too much money for help with food.

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