Zimmerman Updates

Jul 26 2013

Humorist James Thurber once suggested that the motto for journalists could be “Don’t get it right, just get it written.” That definitely seems to be the case with the George Zimmerman trial. A number of media outlets were so eager to paint Zimmerman’s supporters as racists that they ran as a real news story a photo of someone at a pro-Zimmerman rally in Houston, holding a sign that read, “We’re racist, we’re proud, we’re better ‘cause we’re white.” Well, only after that joined the popular talking points did anyone bother to find out that the woman was actually a left-wing activist mocking the Zimmerman supporters. Don’t blame her, though: the original report in the Houston Chronicle made it clear that she wasn’t really pro-Zimmerman. But all the national media were so excited about having their own prejudices about other people’s prejudices confirmed, they didn’t bother to read that far.

Incidentally, that Florida family who were pulled from a burning car by George Zimmerman are chasing away reporters and refusing to talk about it. They say they’re not ungrateful, they’re just afraid some media outlet will give a false impression that they’re trying to make a hero out of Zimmerman, and some crazy hater of his will retaliate against them. Gee, they’re afraid there’ll be a misleading news report about this story? Come on, what would be the odds of that?

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    07/30/2013 09:12 PM

    i got a humorous ( but sad ) email the other day , it kind of mocked OBAMA'S statement : IF I HAD A SON ..HE'D LOOK LIKE TREVON MARTIN.....this one stated: IF I HAD A CITY ...IT WOULD LOOK LIKE DETROIT ...complete with a non- complimentary picture of course . as i said ,sad but some inside truth to it ? i also got a ( you tube ) copy of a newsreel showing pictures of ZIMMERMAN the night of the arrest and a story about what TREVONwas buying and what possibly could be made with a mixture of arizona watermelon tea + skittles + cough syrup ..it wasn't good ! the reel also went on to talk about the young man's autopsy and it showing what he had done to his liver with possible drinks like that. another statement mentioned stolen propery found in his school locker in a random search,BUT listed as ...found lost property...to stay politically correct ( don't they all stay on that train ). it also went on to talk about the amount of times he had been ejected from school and for what reasons. it was all very interesting, and according to the writer " everything was a matter of public record" but overlooked by the media...WHY ??

  • Pam Besser

    07/28/2013 08:36 PM

    It's hard to believe the President of the United States would go on national TV and denounce our judicial system. What an outrage. He is sending the message to the nation that our judicial system does not work and telling future jurors they should base their verdict on public opinion and political pressure rather than the facts and evidence of the case. He has caused all future jurors to be afraid to look at the evidence and return a verdict based on evidence. How horrible our President would do this to our nation and our judicial system. He should have stated this type of race reaction would not be tolerated and should have stood behind the decision of the jurors. How horrible this is.

  • Judith McMechan

    07/27/2013 07:07 PM

    Why is it that President Obama speaks about the Trayvon Martin case and says this could
    have been his son or could have been him.
    Maybe he should think the same way about the 4 Americans that lost their life in Libya. Parents, children, wives would also like some answers. After all these brave men were there
    serving our country.
    This country is losing all
    morals and many leaders are
    not setting very good examples


  • Donna J Ayers

    07/26/2013 10:52 AM

    Never let a good crisis go to waste.

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