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  • Pamela McVey

    07/13/2013 08:50 PM

    I dont know where to make my comment and I certainly hope that this will be received. My feelings about the Judges behavior in the Courtroom of the Zimmerman trial. She is supposed to protect the rights of the accused until the verdict is give and then she can punish him. But until that time her job is to protect him. SHE has failed and if she is a Christian, you bet God will give her a more serious judgement when she stands before Yaweh and gives an account of her life. The Bible is clear about those persons who are responsible for the care of others. She will be held accountable. I only wish she would get that accountability now. The same goes for the so Called President of this Country. He has failed and more ways than can be accounted for. IMPEACHMENT should have happened years ago.


    07/13/2013 05:41 PM

    i received an email the other day from the MANHATTAN DECLARATION stating about how the pro-abortionists were walking around chanting ...HAIL SATAN drowned out the speeches coming from the anti-abortion podiums ! any wonder that the END OF TIME IS NEAR ?

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