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  • Jean Cooper

    09/19/2013 12:03 AM

    Because the little man with big ears, Hillary and the rest have hidden the ones that were on the ground. The senate ask for whistle blowers to come forward.. What a joke we don't have a very good track record of protecting our whistleblowers

  • michael r carter

    09/18/2013 09:38 AM

    Why can't we get the truth?
    Having said that why can't the people not providing truthful answers be held accountable?
    Put some in jail and a symphony of response will ensue

  • Nancy Lopp

    09/18/2013 12:47 AM

    Please keep talking about this. And don't let this problem die. It is a coverup. If Hilary runs for President, I hope people remember what she said "Who Cares". The families of the men that died and the American people.
    Nixon was run out of office because of a cover-up. Is the President hiding something?

  • Beverly Paige B. WAlbert

    09/17/2013 09:04 PM

    I just don't understand how everyone stands around and it is so evident, it is a Coverup, and like an other person said, if a Rep, were in office there would be some hollering. I want OUR COUNTRY BACK AND, IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. Believe it or not I am a Democrat, but when my FAther was in The House of Del.for the State of Md., the parties were reversed. Just look back.

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