Well, the federal debt limit has been raised, at least until February, when everyone assumes it will have to be raised again. This is being hailed as the fiscally-responsible thing to do. But why is it fiscally responsible to constantly raise the debt limit, but not to question why we need to? If you had a friend who had more debt than he could ever pay off, and his only solution was to constantly beg for a credit limit increase, you’d say he needs to be in counseling. Yet in Washington, that’s considered fiscally responsible. And what is all that borrowed money paying for? We recently learned that a lot government is “non-essential.” A poll found that 80 percent of Americans didn’t even notice the government shut down. And it was just reported that over the past year, Health and Human Services spent $56 million on 135 conferences. That’s an average of $416,000 per meeting. Ever heard of video conferencing? And what was discussed at these absolutely necessary conferences? Things like increasing the diversity of workplace nursing staffs. I assume a big chunk of the expense must have gone to whoever sits around, thinking up creative excuses for holding lavish conferences.

This economy has forced just about every private business in America to cut back on expensive conferences. That hurts low-paid hospitality workers in places like Las Vegas and New Orleans, who have to scrimp to pay their bills, including taxes. When those people sit down with their families to a meal of house brand cereal or Ramen noodles, and they hear on the TV that their tax money is paying for Washington bureaucrats to enjoy $400,000 meetings, I have a feeling the first words that spring to their minds are not, “Wow, how fiscally responsible of them.”

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  • Robert E Denker

    10/23/2013 10:59 PM

    I wonder how much of the Congressional staff was laid off? How much of the White House Staff? And they are calling all the VA staff they laid off, non-essential? Looks like they have their priorities really screwed up. How can they treat the vets as secondary non essential to this country when they have used us & abused us so much in the past? It is just not right and I think the ENTIRE group of elected officials in ALL parties at Washington should be wholesale voted out. NO INCUMBENTS. They obviously are not essential since they have not done their job in the last 5 yrs by not passing a complete spending pkg that is fiscally responsible to the American people. I think it is time for us, the American Citizens to hold our elected officials truly accountable for their inaction & inability to compromise & do what is best for America. It is time to end this government by manufactured crisis every few weeks or months. They spend so much time trying to manage each crisis, they do not have time to devote serious consideration to next years fiscal budget, which is what they should already be working on now!

  • karl ross

    10/23/2013 05:16 PM

    there is no way to stop the waistful spending.we could vote all the good old boys out and in the way the new ones voted in know the PEOPLE {like in colorado}can do it...we need to take the government back

  • Jeri Racz

    10/23/2013 02:03 PM

    The Debt ceiling should not be raised! If they cannot control spending they should only spend what is available. This is crazy we bail out so many and then give so much away our own government is failing. This keeps me so upset that I have to turn away from the news. As for John McCain running again the Republicans had better get their act together. I refuse to vote for McCain. I am so upset for so many things that this government has done it would be the size of a book by the time I am done. I want our constitution brought back and I want God brought back.

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