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  • Robert Hurt

    09/21/2013 09:37 PM

    It is my understanding that the Supreme Court decision on Obama Care was a Tax they make mandatory that you had my Health Insurance. Only a tax on those that purchase Health Insurance. Tell me why I need pay tax on something that I don't purchase? Or have pay a fine if I don't purchase health insurance. I have not read the Supreme Court briefs on Obama Care. On the subject of Syria have chemical weapons wan't believed that Iraq move chemical weapons into Syia.

  • Angela Cleveland

    09/19/2013 02:51 PM

    This is in reference to the poll. No study about games, and no more gun laws or talk of gun control. Let's put God back in America, & impeach this God-less CIC{Potus. CIC is a joke.


    09/19/2013 12:54 PM

    I can't belieive I am hearing you right now on the radio saying to not to stand on our principals to not defund obamacare. I want Congress to stand strong and defund obamacare and to not back down no matter what. I would not blame republicans for this but I would if they cave in. We do not want this.

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