Atheism doesn’t have a prayer… We keep hearing that religious belief is a dusty relic of a bygone time, irrelevant to our modern age. Well, nobody told the rest of the world. The Center for the Study of Global Christianity in Massachusetts reports that we’re experiencing a worldwide boom in religious faith. One major reason is the death of Soviet communism and more freedom in China. Turns out once oppressive governments stop forcing citizens to say they’re atheists, belief in God skyrockets. Or maybe the death of communism just convinced Russians that God does answer prayers. Russia was 38 percent Christian in 1970; now, it’s 71 percent. Islam is also growing. If current trends hold up, by 2020, the world will be over 33 percent Christian and nearly 24 percent Muslim. As for atheists, they’ve declined from 4-1/2 percent of the world’s population in 1970 to 2 percent today, and they’ll be just 1.8 percent by 2020. What’s happening to all the atheists? God only knows.

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  • Dana Mespelt

    08/01/2013 10:55 AM

    on July 29 I was listening to Imus In the Morning's Saturday show. He was talking to Bill O'Reilly about how you , Huckabee, had told him that there was one way to heaven, and he didn't go for that concept. Bill made some reference along the lines of hoping good works would accomplish that. I emailed Imus that Bill had given him bad advice and that he should ask YOU. Seeing that loads of people watch both shows and esteem their opinions, their careless, inaccurate remarks are dangerous to the eternal lives of the audience. Thank you for your wisdom and common sense that your show espouses.

  • Youssef El Ashmawi

    07/31/2013 03:52 PM

    I agree with Micol. The quantity of believers in God is less important than the quality of those believers. Do they try to apply the Guidance of God in all spheres of life? Or do they relegate God to the spiritual only, calling themselves Christians or Muslims, but following man-made ideas in other spheres of life? You, Governor Huckabee, could help out in this regard by transforming your talk show into one that always advocates for what is right, not only what is perceived as advantageous to the Republican Party or "conservative" political ideology. God is not a Republican or a Democrat or even a democrat. Leave political partisanship out of your show if you really want to advocate for belief in and obedience to God.

  • Pam Massey

    07/30/2013 11:25 PM

    I as a child I thought I did not believe in God. I grew up. But to the people who are too logical or too intelligent I always say," If there is not a God there should be. The Bible is a good foundation for life. But that is okay because I had rather believe in God and be mistaken than be the doubter that face him on judgement day.

  • Chuck Warman

    07/29/2013 02:54 PM

    I've come to believe, after listening for years to the rants of Dawkins, Dennett, et al, that the reason these guys are so incredibly shrill and offensive, is that they're afraid God DOES exist, and don't like the idea of defending their secularist religion at the real Judgment Seat. You might say they're whistling past their own graveyard.

  • Micol

    07/29/2013 01:41 PM

    These are interesting statics. Probably is that the Christian do NOT stand up and shout for Christainity. Atheists have always been a small number in comparision but we let one woman stop school prayer and take the Pledge of Allegiance out of schools. Look what has happened to our Country and our children's attitudes since then.

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