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  • Josey Wales

    04/15/2014 04:21 PM

    You are absolutely right. Putin is an IMPOSTOR! His sudden devotion to Morality, Christianity, Spirituality is a total trap set decades ago by his KGB predecessors & Vladimir is right on schedule in his attempt to dupe the American people.

    Putin: we already know that YOU are THE wolf in sheeps clothing. Now get lost!

  • Youssef El Ashmawi

    10/01/2013 08:12 PM

    The problem with perpetuating the idea of American exceptionalism is that it leads us to not look at ourselves honestly. Any American injustice is far too easily dismissed with pronouncements like: "We may not be perfect, but the United States is better than any other place in the world". I think it would be better to acknowledge our humanity and susceptibility to making mistakes, try to learn from them and not repeat them. By the way, how does Christianity regard people who proclaim themselves better than everyone else?

  • John A. Novy

    09/26/2013 01:37 PM

    Wow. It's like reading heretic vs heretic here. But, I guess you're right; the United States is exceptional. Do we really want to open "moral high ground" debate here? The United States is exceptionally obese (being the #1 obese country in the world), exceptionally divorced (being 3rd highest divorce rate of the world), exceptionally violent (being the #1 country with gun related deaths). Not to mention, Reverend Huckabee, we are one nation UNDER God. Whom do you serve?

  • Charles Lee Jackson

    09/22/2013 04:37 AM

    I cannot think of 1 country in the world which may have the moral high ground on the USA. The near and far east each treat women as inferior as does the Indian subcontinent. Africa continues off and on with its tribal warfare. All of Europe, including Ireland, Scandinavia, Switzerland, and the Iberian Peninsula, with the single exception of England collaborated with the Nazis in WWII. So, maybe only England and Israel may even have a leg to stand on for moral supremacy, but it would have to be narrow and case by case.

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