Thank You Rand Paul

Mar 12 2013

Sen. Rand Paul is getting accolades from across the political spectrum for his filibuster last week that forced the White House finally to admit that it’s not constitutional to kill US citizens on US soil without an imminent threat. Only one group seems to have a problem with Paul’s actions, and that’s some of the senior leaders of his own party. John McCain was particularly vocal in his criticism, even referring to Paul and other younger conservatives who believe in the Constitutional restraints on government with the colorful term, “wacko birds.”

Friday, Sen. Paul was a guest on my radio show, and his response to McCain’s attack made headlines. He told me that he treats Sen. McCain with respect, although he doesn’t think he always gets the same in return. But he said that in this case, he believes McCain is on the wrong side of history. He said he’d had a similar exchange with McCain last year, when he challenged his belief that we could send someone to Guantanamo without a trial if they’re dangerous. Paul said to him, that goes against everything that America stands for. Who gets to decide whether you’re dangerous, if not a jury of your peers?

I have the greatest respect for Sen. McCain’s statesmanship, his war record, and his lifetime of public service. But in this case, I think he’s more upset about protecting the clubby atmosphere of the Senate as an institution. And no institution is as important as the Constitution. The government can't simply arrive at a conclusion and mete out punishment without going through due process. Sure, the process is sometimes messy, and it often seems as if the accused has more rights than the victims. But it's what elevates our country's culture above those of nations that can imprison or even execute people for saying things the government doesn't like or even for simply believing in something the government finds annoying. As a governor, I knew the frustration of watching cases wind slowly through the system. But we are a nation of laws, not of feelings, passions or thoughts. Even when we know of the actions of people like the Fort Hood shooter, our passions and feelings don't let us just leave them in a field and fly a drone overhead and kill them. A government that can kill a citizen for what he or she might do is a government that one day will kill a citizen for what he or she is, or believes. That’s why I think all of America should say, "Thank you, Rand Paul."

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  • marlene powell

    03/29/2013 03:00 PM

    God Bless you and Rand Paul.
    Happy Easter

    God save the Easter Bunny for the children

  • Debbie Shafer

    03/23/2013 06:30 PM

    Rand Paul did what we had hoped other politicians in both parties would do for 4 for and stand up for the people you serve! All it takes for evil to prevail is for Good men to do nothing!

  • Beth Davis

    03/13/2013 05:16 PM

    I wish we had more people in the Republican party like him, willing to stand up to the bullies in office! Rand Paul for President!

  • A'Delma Jo Stahl

    03/13/2013 02:44 AM

    Mike, you are absolutely correct...THANK YOU..and THANK YOU to Rand Paul for defending America. God Bless you both.

  • Stephani Rasmussen

    03/13/2013 02:26 AM

    John McCain is not good for this country. His military service to my country was appreciated and I wouldn't want to denegrate that. But it seems he uses that fact to insulate him from real scrutiny or criticism for his un American ideas. Thank you John McCain for serving your country. That was then, but what what you do now politically is shameful. The fact the Republican party allowed him to be the candidate in 2008 is a travesty to the party and all the good American conservatives that want America to remain the great country we have been. I would run quickly to a new conservative party if one existed.

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