Not all of the glitches in Obamacare are in the website. A lot of them are in the legislation itself. One of the biggest is the cutoff for getting government subsidies to help pay for health care. Americans are reeling from sticker shock at how much more expensive their policies will be under the woefully-misnamed Affordable Care Act. But they’re told, don’t worry, if your income is low, you’ll get government subsidies to help pay for it. Problem is, to qualify, a couple has to earn no more than four times the poverty limit, which would be $62,040 a year. Earn a couple of thousand dollars less than that, and you could qualify for $1200 a month in subsidies. Earn a few dollars more, and you lose all the subsidies. So, to help out, the Kaiser Family Foundation is advising Americans to find ways to adjust their incomes down and earn less. Not to earn more, so they can pay for that more-expensive coverage, but to earn less, so the government will pay for it.

I can see that in a strictly dollars and cents way, that might be the smart move. But does it bother anyone else that Americans are actually being advised to lower their ambitions, work less, succeed less? To me, that represents a complete reversal of what made America great. We are a people who work, strive, achieve and succeed, who want to do better than the previous generation, and to make sure our children have the opportunity to do better than we did. Is this really what we want to become? A nation of people who willingly lower their ambitions in exchange for a bigger handout from the federal government? If this is what President Obama meant when he promised to fundamentally transform America, then I sincerely hope Americans refuse to be transformed.

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  • Nannette Boose

    10/27/2013 05:11 PM

    Please give me some ideas... we just got a notice that our Kaiser health plan is going up from $600 per month to over $1000 per month. Oh ya, this is for the high deductible plan where we have to pay $4500 each out of pocket. We make over $100k per year for a family of 4 in California which is middle class for Calif standards. We were outraged by this increase and called Kaiser. They said, if you make under $95k per year, you can qualify for subsidies. So, I'm trying to figure out how we can lower our income so we qualify for this subsidy. Maybe we should get divorced and I as the lower earner can file for single with kids...? This bs administration is forcing people like us to take drastic measures like this. I'm really considering trying to make less money and live on $94,999 per year. Our house payment + prop taxes are about $2100 per month and if our health ins is $1000 per month, with the other expenses and bills, that leaves us with like $1400 for groceries, clothes, kids expenses, groceries, ect... we don't live extravagantly... these are middle class expenses... This bs political party is making middle class people de-motivated to do better in life and make good money. We need to do something.... But What? I'm feeling like things are hopeless.....

  • Patti-Ann Stanley

    10/20/2013 01:44 PM

    From what I understand, this subsidy is a 'Tax Credit'. Wouldn't this mean, that to receive the $1200 per month, you would need to be paying taxes of $14,400. per year? What if someone makes so little that they don't pay tax, will they actually receive a 'Check' for this $1200.? This adds up to the same $14,400 a year. Where is all the FREE money coming from and why even work if you are getting this 'handout?

  • Selma W. Wilson

    10/20/2013 01:37 PM

    One more reason for you to run for President Mr. Huckabee. We not only need a leader in the White House, but rather a Christian leader with a prayer ethic.
    Normally I do not get involved with the political venue, but times they are a changin'. Throw your hat in the ring... I will not only vote for you but I will go door to door and put your name in front of those people who can relate to you and your 'Up Front' political views.
    One thing I will add to this. When elected.... Your press secretary should be someone you trust implicitly... Like Alan McVey! He's a keeper.

  • robyn ping

    10/19/2013 05:38 PM

    I would like to know: How many years would the government provide subsidies? Would it last until after the elections?

  • Linda Henderson

    10/19/2013 03:48 PM

    Unfortunately this has been happening for years....just not for Obamacare. In my tax office I see women come in with just the amount of income necessary for the maximum amount of Earned income credit. They actually have said that they quit the job when they hit this threshold.
    But to have a thing like this published is unconscionable. The correct thing to do would be to have incrementally staged "support" breaks so everyone could pay their fair share(isn't that what Americans have always done?)

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