The new jobs numbers are like a piñata: they look good now, but you never know what might fall out… Former investment counselor Bob Adelmann, writing for The New American, says the Labor Department’s report that 236,000 new jobs were created in February and the jobless rate dropped to 7.7 percent looks pretty good.  But there are some hidden negatives, and the biggest is disguised as a positive:  The government reports that 446,000 part-time jobs were also created, and they claim they’re all “voluntary.”  Really?  Then why does a new Gallup poll find that the number of Americans working part time because they just can’t find full time jobs actually rose from 9.6 to 10.1 percent in February?  Last month, the number of people working two or more jobs leaped by 679,000.  Gallup found that it’s true, fewer Americans are unemployed than a year ago…but there are also fewer workers with full time jobs.  Why are so many Americans having to work multiple part time jobs?  There’s a simple, one-word answer, but it’s a word the Administration doesn’t want to say:  “Obamacare.”  


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  • Debbie Shafer

    03/23/2013 06:27 PM

    Obamacare is the ruination of many businesses who were on the brink from a bad economy and now have to lay people off because of Obamacare. All premiums are going up for everyone, but we get less services, and have to pay more for them. Sorry, I blame the politicians for the decline of America, this bill should have be read before passed, and now should be repealed. Justice Roberts passed it back to the Congress because he thought in all this downturn in the economy that Obama would not get re-elected. Now it should be repealed but will anyone have the guts to do it for the people?

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