I don’t hate liberals. I don’t hate anybody. I actually like some liberals and enjoy talking to some of them who are rational and reasonable. But a lot of liberals just don’t make sense. I’m trying to understand them, but I just don’t. Just this week, liberals in the House of Representatives once again threw a hissy fit over a bill that would have prohibited most abortions after the 5th month because science is pretty clear that babies feel pain and it surely must be painful to have one’s arms and legs ripped from the body as happens in an abortion. But the party that screams we ought to “follow the science” says when it comes to abortion, science doesn’t matter. And polls show that 80% of Americans oppose late term abortion including 63% of women. Liberals are against pain for animals and whales and dolphins and even walk around naked to protest the wearing of fur. They are against torture when it comes to terrorists, and against the death penalty for criminals who rape and murder, even when the decision to execute a criminal is the result of years of legal maneuvering and careful consideration of evidence and guilt determined by a jury. But they demand the right of carrying out the death penalty on an unborn child at any time for any reason and even insist that it all be called “women’s health.” Can’t be too healthy for the baby, and if it’s a little girl baby, I would think that would be bad for that little woman’s health. Liberals say they don’t want the government in the bedrooms, and I assure you, I don’t want to get in a liberal’s bedroom, but if something happens in the bedroom that they didn’t plan, they do want the government to come in, clean up the mess, and make the rest of us pay for it. Liberals say that a 6 year old little girl is grown up enough to buy the morning after pill without her doctor or parents even knowing about it, but when she’s 26 years old, she’s still child enough to need her parents to cover her health insurance. Liberals think no one should come between a woman and her doctor if the woman wants to end her baby’s life, but think it’s a great idea to pass Obamacare and have the entire federal government get between men, women, and children and their doctor. Liberals believe a 14 year old ought to be able to get birth control pills, but not a 16 ounce soda or access to a salt shaker. Liberals at Planned Parenthood in Indiana say that a 13 year old girl raped by a 17 year old neighbor and who got pregnant from the rape and refused an abortion wouldn’t have been raped if there was “comprehensive sex education.” If a conservative ever said something as stupid as blaming on the inability of a 95 pound child to fend off a rapist was because she didn’t have enough sex ed classes, he’d be hooted out of town for being an idiot. A liberal says it and it’s supposed to be smart? I try to be nice to people I don’t agree with. I figure that great psychologist Ron White has diagnosed it pretty accurately (SOT: “You can’t fix stupid”) And granted, some liberals really believe their stuff and are consistent about it and can defend it. But not many….and on a lot of issues, they just don’t make sense.

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  • William Dahl

    07/17/2013 02:05 AM

    I think that the Republican Party is making a mistake in their making abortion a platform issue. I figure that most women who get abortions are liberals (i.e. Democrats) anyway and since the offspring of Democrats are more likely to also end up being Democrats, by being against abortion, we are actually helping our enemies increase their numbers. In fact, we should be promoting MORE Democrats to get abortions!

  • Micky richards

    06/30/2013 08:54 PM

    I may be stupid too but I know that whatever a fetus or fertilized egg is, or whenever it is defined as life, it's alive before an abortion and dead after it. I often wonder why earth scientist can look for micro organizims in space claiming that its life, but not an unborn baby. i have no doubt that an alien race visting earth would claim that unborn child is also life.

  • Los Angeles, Mike

    06/27/2013 08:39 PM

    Re: In God We Trust
    (June 17 to June 29)

    Governor, thanks for flying out to CA to help out at "troop-a-thon." Also thanks for setting the stage for the last two weeks.

    In your June 17th post, you comment that there seems to be two camps: The "In God We Trust" camp and the "I know nothing,I see nothing, I say nothing!" camp.

    Your June 24 monologue gives examples of the "Schultz syndrome" (I would say there are people from all labels who can be insensitive when they are told "no") and then a radio show comment on June 26 brought up the Book of Judges "They did what was right in their own eyes" comment.

    Keep up the work.

  • Roger P Noah

    06/27/2013 03:09 AM

    I am worried we are too far on a slippery slope. Our moral bankruptcy as a nation is matched only by our fiscal bankruptcy. I despair for America. Even Christian youth from conservative families find behaviors, which were considered abominations just a few decades back, totally acceptable. And everyone wants to feed off the government trough.

  • Anita Young

    06/24/2013 05:44 PM

    This is not a comment just on your opening remarks this week. As usual you are right on spot. My comment is about how difficult it is to reach anyone at FNC because they are all on twitter and a great deal of their audience are seniors who do not tweet. Could they have Email?

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