If you want to see how the tide has turned for Obamacare, notice that HHS Sec. Kathleen Sebelius is no longer just being grilled by House Republicans. Wednesday, she got turned on the spit by the Democrat-run Senate Finance Committee. She denied that Obamacare needs to be delayed, claiming that the website can now handle up to 17,000 applications an hour with hardly any glitches. That’s the very definition of the phrase, “close enough for government work.” As for the security of your data, she admitted that felons may be hired as navigators, but we can depend on the contractors who helped create this Rube Goldberg washing machine of a website to take the same care in screening their hires that the government did. I know I’ll rest easy now. Incidentally, the head of Medicare/Medicaid tech services who was in charge of this project announced that he’s resigning to join the private sector. I’d suggest he see if Burger King is hiring. Finally, one of the most interesting moments was seeing Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts hammer Sec. Sebelius on whether she understands that this isn’t about glitches, it’s a rare life-or-death situation for Americans who are losing policies they depended on for vital medical care from specific doctors. She’s the former governor of his home state. Usually, there’s a certain amount of deference there, but not in this case. As Peggy Noonan’s new article in the Wall Street Journal and Ken Cuccineilli’s near-win in Virginia show, Americans are waking up to what some of us have been saying for weeks: the website fiasco was just the opening act.

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  • JoAnna Wells

    11/17/2013 12:31 AM

    Mr.Hukabee. Thank you for telling it like it is.

    Is it lawful that the President change the laws of the land.

    Thank God for Fox News for STAYING ON THE ISSUES

    Can Nancy Pelosi read? Why did she say pass and then read?

    I wonder if she WEARS A BELT OR SUSPENDERS? Comparing suspenders and belts and laughing and joking about health care in the same speech this week.

    The money, time, waste , people lost health care "fix" THE Obama Care and IRS "mess".And not tell us what happened at Benghazi is beyond comprehension as to what is going on in America. We want to know what is happening.


    Tell us what happened at Bengaghi

    People wanted CHANGE...and "CHANGE" LIKE COINS IS WHAT WE GOT.

    "They" need a dose of their medicine "ALL have the SAME health care as the people.

    Maybe Ms Pelosi would agree this would be a good bill to pass and THEN read

    Now that the light is glowing people are seeing how corrupt things are, this is a great time for "them" to sing:

    Hank Snow's "Im Moving On" song" And get out. And if they don't know that,maybe they remember Jail House Rock.

    Everyone on Earth is living ONLY because God gives them their next breath and next heart beat.

    Sorry, "Washington", You are not God. And we are not bowing down to you.

    I am angry and sorry that America is falling apart.

    We were given the dirty glass to drink from and it was NOT checked before it was passed to us".

    "They" didn't care, they were and are not drinking from the same glass.

    Carry On" and keep up the great work FOX NEWS, I am proud of you all.

    As once said, "Nations fall when good men do nothing." Thank you and for doing something and speaking up. And for telling the truth.

    Stand Up, Look Up and get ready to "Go Up" there is a Way out, and it is not Obama Care.

    Thank God. "On we go."

    JoAnna Wells
    "God Bless America".


    11/14/2013 02:50 PM

    sebilius is a former nurse but not a very educated one. If she were she would know better than to do half the stuff in that bill called obamacare. Today I went to my Allergist Immunuologist and found out that Obama has taken away from specialists the ability to treat their patients. they can no longer do pulmonary function tests and treat pts for asthma if you are having trouble you have to go to PCP who does not do this test and wouldn't know what to do for me even if he did. My allergist has saved me many times my pcp looks at the computer and gets frustrated with it . so now what do I and others do now die

  • Alice Biello

    11/13/2013 08:56 PM

    I am so very sick and tired of hearing the Obama followers preaching that under Obamacare our premiums would be lower, and we would get better health coverage than the fraudulent plans we now have. I tied of the lies Mr. Obama; each family would save $2,500 on health care premiums, we could keep our current doctors, we could keep our current insurance, etc. when in fact, our overage was discontinued effective 1/1 by my husband's employer and it was a plan which we were very pleased with. Now our premiums have doubled, we have a $3,500 deductible vs. our previous $100 one, there is now a 12 mo. pre-existing condition clause when we did not have one before, and some tests are not covered at all and others are at a max. of 60/40. Our previous covered at a rate of 80/20.
    The result is that we will now not be able to buy the new car we were looking at and hope that our 12 year old cars keep running. I am sure that we cannot be the only ones who will postpone large purchases like cars, houses, furniture, appliances, vacations, etc. What a mess our economy is in not only now but, but will be in the future. There will be no slow growth, only more unemployment, more foreclosures, and many unhappy people all at the hands of Mr. Obamma and his followers.
    I can't believe how blinded so many people there are and it makes me ashamed that he is our leader.

  • Rebecca Hatcher

    11/10/2013 07:46 PM

    Before placing my comments here, I did a little fact checking to support my opinion. I researched the Impeachment of President Bill Clinton. Noting from the Star Report of September 9, 1998, I found these facts to be the “Substantial and Credible Information that President Clinton Committed Acts that May Constitute Grounds for an Impeachment”.
    According to this official record, former Pres. Clinton faced impeachment for the following 11 events that occurred during his presidency:
    1. President Clinton lied…
    2. President Clinton lied…
    3. President Clinton also lied…
    4. President Clinton lied…
    5. The President obstructed justice…
    6. The President obstructed justice…
    7. President Clinton endeavored to obstruct justice…
    8. President Clinton lied…
    9. The President improperly tampered…
    10. President Clinton endeavored to obstruct justice…
    11. President Clinton abused his constitutional authority by lying to the public…

    We are all aware that President Barrack Obama has lied, not once, not twice, not simply 11 times. He has repeatedly lied to the American People. For nearly 3 years he has lied consistently. He has repeated the exact same phrase over and over again, on camera, in the newspapers, on the radio, in person.
    My comment begins with this question: Why have impeachment proceedings not begun?
    I fully believe that our House of Representatives and our Senate have considered this option. I also believe that the forefront of their discussions concerning this necessary event is this: Because he is black.
    I think they are running scared. On one hand, I get it. On the other, they are not giving the American Public the credit we deserve any more than President Obama has done.
    Yes. Certainly. The impeachment of a sitting black President will turn this country upside down in the media, in the streets. Accusations will fly that such action is raced based. We see this all the time. The race card is toss out on the table many, many times, as defense against reality, as an attempted blur to the facts and the logic of multitudes of problematic situations.
    Yet, we the people know this. Every honest American knows that race is not always a factor. Every single one of us, no matter our color, knows that more often than not, yeah, their cousin got fired, not because of his skin color, but because he did not show up for work. Those of us who live within that honest realm are the people who would support the full disclosure impeachment proceedings would bring.
    I believe that this nation with its Coat of Many Colors citizenry deserves a full, open, no holds barred examination of President Obama’s actions during his full tenure. Not just about the ACA, but about the IRS scandal, about Benghazi, about spying on our allies and our own people.
    We as intelligent citizens deserve this information however excruciatingly painful it may be for us to lay open the doors of our government in this fashion. However many extraneous issues it may create. We all deserve answers.
    In closing my comment, I also believe that when impeachment proceedings are announced against our President, it will be one of the saddest days of our long history. Black, white, rich, poor, we all were hoping that the ascension of Senator Obama to the White House, and his potential future success in that position would be the final nail in the coffin of racism in this country. Whether we voted for him or not, as a whole nation we hoped that his election would have truly changed our country for the better.
    And no, we did not expect more of him than any other elected official. We did expect honesty, we expected transparency. We expected an open dialogue with him. The failures that have occurred are not because he is black any more than President Clinton’s were because he was white. Impeachment should be initiated because he has chosen to veil his presidency with lies, cover-ups, missteps, secrecy, incompetent personnel and illegal unconstitutional actions.
    We, the people, deserve our day in court concerning those issues.

    Source: http://www.historyplace.com/unitedstates/impeachments/starr-excerpt.htm


    11/09/2013 09:43 PM


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