Hiding The News

Jul 08 2013

Congressional Democrats passed Obamacare so they could find out what’s in it. Now, they’re desperately trying to keep you from finding out what’s in it until after the next election…Last week, while Americans had their eyes on the fireworks, President Obama dropped a bomb of his own. He announced that he would delay by one year the requirement that employers with more than 50 full time workers start providing them with health insurance. The White House cited the need to streamline the paperwork. But it’s no secret that Democrats were panicking at the idea of millions of Americans learning just before the 2014 elections that they were losing their health benefits, their jobs or their full time hours. Well, consider yourself warned. Meanwhile, Republicans say it shows that even Democrats realize Obamacare is a massive train wreck and needs to be repealed. But they’re challenging the delay on grounds that Obama doesn’t have the power to just pick and choose what parts of a law he’ll enforce. You know, that’s a point that it might’ve been nice to mention to him earlier. 

This delay in implementing the Obamacare mandate is born out of a misconception anyway. We currently have an executive branch composed almost entirely of liberal academics and lifelong politicians who’ve never run a business in their lives. They can go for years without writing a budget, or be warned of an impending financial disaster and make no plans at all to avert it. In the business world, that’s not reality. Business people have to plan years ahead to make sure their income exceeds their expenses. Letting them put off a business-killing expense until 2014 won’t make them rush out and hire a lot of full-time workers. It probably won’t even slow the transition from full time to part time work that Obamacare is spurring. Especially not if delaying it until after the election increases the odds of the people who gave us Obamacare still being in power in 2015.

For more on Obamacare watch 3 doctors discuss how they are changing the way they practice medicine because of this new law here.

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  • Lys Chang

    07/13/2013 03:38 PM

    I sent tweeters on May 18, 2013, and this was the conversation: My answer Thursday to Nancy Pelosi was based on NAACP first element involving "full affordable coverage". Second point was "employers cannot afford health insurance increment", TV speech. Third point "stops insurance burocracy managing health care for people", TV speech. The population faces same benefits lost increasing expenses that changing the law, which means stop taxes increase. The lack of "affordability" ended in soliciting donations and several other improper procedures. I don't think the elderly continues receiving the same benefits for the same costs. The preexisting condition lady spoke Thursday about incentive to employers to help insuranced. All country's benefits?. If SBA noticed these incentives need, they can explain part of the reasons that affect keeping and creating "full time jobs". The law means unfairly continue increasing taxes, when expenses are located in no sense enterprises. These "allocations of money" in wasting accounts limit other expenses needed such immigration reform tied to entitlement programs. I read immigration reform is not providing access to welfare benefits, but it is requiring to learn English. ESOL classes need to be paid. I also tweeted to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to request input from SBA, since, behind the scenes, the creation of “job placements” and retention of “full time” employees was already started to be affected.

  • Lisa Miller

    07/11/2013 01:06 PM

    I don't even know if I have any comments left inside of me. I have been so disgusted with the way things have been going here, that I am just about empty. My husband lost his job 2 1/2 years ago. We have gone through all our savings and "retirement" money. We did not apply for gov. assistance. Now with the Obamacare coming, who knows if he'll ever find full time work. I miss the America of my childhood back in the 60's & 70's. At least we were happy.

  • Julie Denton

    07/11/2013 11:47 AM

    So the big question is when is congress or anyone for that matter going to do something about it? Come on, really? how many times doe's the Republic of the U.S.A. have to put up with the B.S. coming from not only the White House but Congress also. I hear all talk and no action. What is everyone waiting for? the rug being totally ripped out from under our feet. I could do better than these stupid people running our country.

  • Shirley Ferryman

    07/11/2013 07:30 AM

    Fair Tax and repeal OBCARE!!
    Change for Doctors and 28 hour work week is train off tracks!!!

  • Elizabeth Clement

    07/11/2013 03:54 AM

    I work in a Mall and all of the food court cleaning
    people and security have been cut to less then 28 hours a week. These are hurting people already who need FULL TIME JOBS. The Reason they are told, "OBAMACARE"

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