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Jan 28 2013

Over the weekend, protest broke out all across Egypt. Most of the media attention centered on Port Said. Dozens of people there were killed in protests over a death sentence handed down to 21 people involved in a deadly rugby riot last year. But the unrest in Egypt goes much deeper than sports rivalries. Sports fans have been in the vanguard of protests against the new Muslim Brotherhood-dominated government, and many Egyptians think that’s the real reason for the death sentences.

Getting less media attention is the fact this weekend marked the second anniversary of the so-called “Arab spring.” Thousands of Egyptians turned out across the nation to protest what they see as the Muslim Brotherhood’s hijacking of their democratic revolution. Instead of freedom, they’re getting Sharia law. Instead of economic opportunity, Egypt’s economy is crumbling because the rise of Islamic fanaticism is killing tourism. One protester outside President Morsi’s palace in Cairo held up a sign calling Obama an “idiot” for thinking the Muslim Brotherhood could be dealt with in good faith. Another protester said the only thing that’s changed two years after the revolution is that Egypt’s president now has a beard.

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  • Youssef El Ashmawi

    02/20/2013 01:21 PM

    Sylvester, I agree with your comment on abortion. And Gov. Huckabee's comments on Egypt bother me because I am Muslim and because they come from a man who seems to mistakenly think that Muslims are necessarily enemies of Christians and freedom. That supposition is not true. And so many of his conclusions are untrue also. May Almighty God (I call him Allah, but He is not a different god. There is only one True God.)guide all of us to understand each other and encourage each other in the doing of good. Ameen.


    02/13/2013 08:52 PM

    YOUSEFF, if this ( USA )is your country then i am in wonder why this bothers you.... but that is between you and yourself ! i wish we ( USA) would get our noses out of all the rest of the worlds affairs ...AND OUR MONEY TOO ! several years back i heard a story that sums it ( our telling everyone else what to do ) up, there was a big human rights convention somewhere ( ? ) and a US delegate got up to voice his (and our) 2 cents worth. another countries delegate asked him how the USA could act so righteous and caring about HUMAN RIGHTS, when we ( USA ) ABORT so many babies each day !.... kind of hits the nail on the head ...doesn't it ?

  • Steve Schipper

    02/06/2013 06:46 PM

    I'd like to know where Clinton and now it seems even alot of Christians in the legal and social services systems have this idea that homosexuals are not pedophiles. Why does one think they aim for such groups as BSA and teaching? Most still do not realize that Clinton fired all the US attorneys and most have not been replaced and that the Clinton administration put a moratorium on trying homosexuals as pedophiles. I do not believe it has ever been rescinded but I may be wrong about that. What is the status of pedophile charges and trials at present under our gay supporting president and how is his support of gay marriage going to/ or is effecting adoptions, homosexual behavior with adoptees and/or responsibility to society, adoptees and family of adoptees to sexual conduct and memberships?

  • Youssef El Ashmawi

    02/04/2013 08:47 PM

    Jon, Sylvester, and Delilah: First let me make clear that my country is the USA, not Egypt. My father was Egyptian, but I've lived here since I was 4. Secondly, I agree with the gist of what you are saying. I agree that foreign aid comes with strings attached, and I am all for weaning Egypt off of American money. It might be hard for them in the short run, but much better for Egypt in the long run. It's always better to be independent, self-reliant, etc. Unfortunately, the truth is that the US wants to send foreign aid so that it can control what happens in Egypt. And some Egyptians want the foreign aid because they can use it to keep key groups happy. But this scenario is not democracy. It's not self determination. The US government preaches democracy; but when it comes to foreign countries they only want loyalty; the wants or needs of the local population be damned. That is my point. That is not right. And I hope you will join in trying to convince our government (Republicans and Democrats) to change such policies.

  • bab kekkey

    02/04/2013 03:15 PM

    girls scouts alternative
    American heritage

    what groups can the young boys join for an alternative to joining boy scouts
    we adults need to put on the armor of truth NOT tolerance ..tolerance is not truth we need the armor of truth to live a moral and virtuous life. need to be an example for our youth. our country's young children need a rock of truth to grow into spiritual sound men serving God first!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God Bless America.

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