Chick fil-A Statement

Sep 21 2012

I talked earlier today personally with Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick Fil-A about the new reports that Chick Fil-A had capitulated to demands of the supporters of same sex marriage. This is not true. The company continues to focus on the fair treatment of all of its customers and employees, but to end confusion gave me this statement:

“There continues to be erroneous implications in the media that Chick-fil-A changed our practices and priorities in order to obtain permission for a new restaurant in Chicago. That is incorrect. Chick-fil-A made no such concessions, and we remain true to who we are and who we have been.”

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  • Judy Owens

    09/24/2012 12:43 PM

    Obama is a liar and some of the media is either afraid to tell the truth or maybe in bed with him. He does not put his hand on his heart for our flag or for our anthem...nor does his wife. Neither of them salute OUR FLAG. What is wrong with people when they cannot see this muslim for what he is....he does not like AMERICA he is using all of us for his power!!! WAKE UP out there!! Fox News keeps us up to date on what is going on but what can we the Amercian people who are sick of him and his lies do??? Where/how do we begin to inform voters that are not awake yet??? AND MOST OF ALL GET HIM OUT?????

  • Shalee

    09/23/2012 11:37 PM

    I hope and pray they are telling the truth. It is sad that a conservative business can't support who they wish,but a liberal company can support whoever without backlash. Still if they do cave, me and my family will have to say good-bye. I am not a hateful person but christians are watching this country slip from God. We are doing nothing about it. I am not going to spend my husband's hard earned money on a company who has an agenda against what God says. Why would you knowing your money comes from God support a company whose agenda is against what God's word says. I just don't understand it. I support no sin. I don't care what the sin is. I will not support a company who chooses to invest their funds on organizations who go against what the Word says. I have already stopped shopping at different stores because of the causes they support. We need to make a stand, and say enough is enough. We are going to take our country back. The way our founding fathers wanted this country to be. The way God wanted it to be. We need our blessing back on this country. We need to stop kicking God to the curb. Our children need to know why this country was so great. It is because we believed in God and God blessed this nation.

  • Kevin Jcu

    09/23/2012 07:17 PM

    There is an internal fight in Chick-Fil-A between the CEO and other executive leadership. So in all likelihood, both sides are telling the truth. It will be interesting to see if the fight becomes public or if both sides try to resolve it quietly.


    09/23/2012 09:09 AM

    I am so proud of Mr. Cathy and Chick-Fil-A for sticking to their core principles. America needs more people who have the moral fortitude to remain steadfast in their beliefs.
    I have never eaten at Chick-Fil-A before, but from now on, I will be a customer.

  • Bob Paine

    09/22/2012 08:08 PM

    Gove. Huckabee, I just heard your commentary on your Saturday program and you hit the bullseye. Thanks for saying what needed to be said.

    Bob Paine

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