Mike Huckabee supporters are some of the most committed conservatives in the country and incredibly loyal to the Governor.  We love your commitment and plan to honor it on our website and on social media as much as possible.

The photo below is from Hope, AR on the eve of Governor Huckabee's announcement.  We see supporters from Iowa, Florida, California and states in between in this pic. A special thank you to everyone!

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You can’t have consistent and significantly high favorability ratings without having the support of all Republican primary voters across-the-board, beyond just Evangelicals. A recent memo I wrote makes this point and demonstrates how well-positioned Governor Mike Huckabee is to win the Republican nomination for President. Looking at eleven recently published independent polls – fielded nationwide as well as in the early primary states of Iowa and South Carolina – Governor Huckabee is by far the most well-liked of all potential GOP candidates whose support is broad-based and includes working and middle-class Americans, seniors and social conservatives.

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From Christian decapitations to radical Islamist victory marches, crisis and chaos is erupting across the world. The Obama Administration’s “crisis management” foreign policy has produced one thing: anarchy.