A watchdog group called Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington (CREW) and the attorneys general of DC and Maryland have all filed lawsuits against President Trump, accusing him of violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution by taking gifts from foreign governments. This is based on the notion that he benefits from foreign profits to his business, even though he legally separated himself from his business when he took office.

The Justice Department has responded that the lawsuits are absurd, but they’re just the latest attempt to try to distract and hamstring Trump from enacting the agenda he was elected to implement through the abuse of the courts via friendly liberal judges. Blind trusts were created so that private citizens could serve in office without having to divest themselves of businesses they’d built a lifetime building. Without that protection, the only people who would be allowed to hold office would be those who’d never earned a penny in their lives that didn’t come from a government paycheck. And as the DOJ pointed out, imposing such a rigorous standard would have eliminated many Presidents going all the way back to Washington and Jefferson, whose plantations continued growing crops that were sold overseas even while they were in office.

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Maybe the problem is that liberals just can’t grasp the difference between running a business that generates an honest profit and influence peddling since so many on the left in recent years have made influence peddling their most profitable sideline business.