When it comes to news updates on President Trump’s executive order on temporary travel restrictions, it’s easy to feel like Bill Murray in GROUNDHOG DAY. As Yogi Bera might have put it, “It’s deja vu all over again.”

Another lower-court ruling, this time from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, has blocked the revised order. Certainly administration officials were expecting that decision from this most liberal but also most-overturned circuit court. At this point, we can be sure Trump is chomping at the bit to get the case before the Supreme Court, as he knows that with this order he is simply exercising his constitutional authority as President and that no one from another country has the right under our constitution to come here. What was intended to be a pause in the influx of travelers from certain unstable countries while we assessed vetting procedures has been turned, for the sake of convenient legal argument and partisan politics, into a “Muslim ban” and treated as such by liberal courts.

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CNN has helpfully mentioned that the administration could still be reviewing vetting procedures while the order is on hold. I’d point out that any such review has surely been hamstrung by all the attention having to be paid to this and other ridiculous legal fights. And who knows the number of un-vettable terrorist wannabes who may have come in during the past few months? We never will.