A federal judge in Pensacola, Florida, has ordered a 30-foot cross that was erected by the Jaycees in Bayview Park in 1969 (replacing a wooden one that had been there since 1941) to be removed within 30 days after precisely four people backed by two atheist groups filed a complaint. The judge acknowledged that the cross had wide public support and that the Founders would have found this lawsuit “absurd,” and if he were ruling on a blank slate, he would leave it alone. But “the law is the law,” and he was forced by precedent to order it removed as a purely religious symbol on public property.

A spokeswoman for one of the humanist groups that filed the lawsuit said, "The cross was totally unavoidable to park patrons” (did they continually bump into it?) “and to have citizens foot the bill for such a religious symbol is both unfair and unconstitutional.” Question: what bill? It was a gift from the Jaycees that had been standing in the park for 48 years. Moving it out of the park will generate a bill that citizens will have to foot. Perhaps the four atheists whose hearts bleed so for the poor beleaguered taxpayers would like to cover that bill, since they’re the only ones who were offended and they’re the reason it has to be relocated.

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Meanwhile, you might want to visit Arlington National Cemetery and pay your respects to all the fallen heroes before someone files a lawsuit demanding that all the thousands of crosses on public land be removed from their graves.