Every time Hillary Clinton speaks these days, it’s like an exciting riverboat ride on De Nile. You know she’ll talk about the election, but some new surprising reason always pops up for why she lost. In an interview at the Recode Code Conference, Hillary took full responsibility for her loss before immediately blaming it on Russia; fake news on social media; the press making a big deal over her unsecure email server, which she called “the biggest nothing burger ever” (so I guess if any secret intelligence sources were killed because her cavalier handling of classified information revealed their identities, or if Americans in Benghazi died because her leaked emails revealed their lack of security, their causes of death should officially be listed as “lethal indigestion from a nothing burger”); and in a new development, the Democratic Party and the DNC, which she claimed gave her nothing – aside from stacking the primaries against Bernie and giving her CNN’s townhall questions in advance.

Not that I want to encourage her, but it can’t be a wise idea to trash the DNC if you’re planning to run and lose for a third time in 2020.