Everyone saw the giant Women’s March protest on Saturday, and we were all impressed by the size of it. Now, could someone please explain what it was supposed to be about? That you “spread love” through violent, eliminationist rhetoric? That you protest vulgar public references to women’s genitals by dressing up in public as women’s genitals? That Donald Trump has turned back the clock to the Middle Ages by stripping away women’s rights and to the 1940s by putting dissenters in concentration camps and gas chambers? That’s quite a lot to have done, considering he’d been in office all of 24 hours.

The participants seemed to be expressing overwhelming, unfocused rage that Hillary Clinton lost. So what’s their solution? Negate an open, legal election? If you want to change the Electoral College, you organize a movement for a Constitutional amendment, not a public meltdown. Madonna’s desire to “bomb the White House” sounded like a call for anarchy. Historically, women haven’t had it very well under the reign of anarchy. It should be noted that far from being oppressed and silenced, Madonna has become fabulously wealthy and world famous by doing and saying whatever she wanted for over 30 years, no matter whom it offended. (Although that “bomb the White House” thing might have taken it a bit too far: she hurriedly backpedaled, claiming it was meant “metaphorically,” after the Secret Service took notice.)

Trump was attacked for homophobia, even though he’s not a social conservative, his company doesn’t discriminate against gays, and he’s the first President ever to be in favor of same-sex marriage upon taking office. He was accused of taking away women’s rights and powers, even though his company was one of the first to put qualified women in important executive positions. He also credits the remarkable Kellyanne Conway (the first successful female presidential campaign manager) for his win, and he wants to give his very accomplished daughter Ivanka a key role in his Administration – to which the left has responded by demanding boycotts of her woman-owned business. Sounds awfully sexist to me.

Yes, it is true Trump made vulgar comments about sex when he thought he was speaking privately, something I condemned at the time and still won’t defend. But it’s a safe assumption that most of these marchers wanted to put someone back into the White House as “First Man” who actually did what Trump talked about, and install as President his wife, who covered for him by attacking his alleged female victims. And if talking in a vulgar fashion about women’s anatomy offends them that much, please explain the speakers (especially Ashley Judd, who seemed to be auditioning for a movie called “Rebel Without A Filter”) and many of the signs at Saturday’s rally. (FYI: to the protester carrying the sign that suggested women should have to pay for tampons when men pay for razors: We do pay for razors. If you know where I can get them for free, please tell me.)

Even Michael Moore, who built a very lucrative career on railing against automakers who export Michigan factory jobs overseas, showed up to start building a second lucrative career out of railing against the guy who’s bringing those jobs back to Michigan (and who is now President because the very people Moore claims to champion voted for him).

There really is a rising threat to women around the world in the form of radical Islamist groups who kidnap, enslave, rape and murder women and girls. These groups seized power largely due to President Obama’s foreign policy, which never drew any mass protest rallies from the left. Instead, we get attacks on Trump for wanting to carefully vet refugees from areas that are hotbeds of Islamic radicalism and to secure the US border (ironically, mirror rallies were held in many nations around the world that have strict immigration policies and fences and guards to secure their own borders).

The organizers also ignored the most infamous assault on women’s rights in the news over the past few years: in Germany, where millions of Middle Eastern refugees have been allowed free reign, women who report being assaulted, harassed and even raped are advised to keep quiet, dress more modestly and watch where they go. It seems like only recently that suggesting women were in any way responsible for their own sexual assaults was condemned as outrageous sexism. Now, it appears to be official government policy under Angela Merkel. But Trump’s promise to enforce the laws and secure the borders endangers women? Oooooooookay.

Roger L. Simon of PJ Media, who was equally baffled by what the point of all this was, finally decided that it was propaganda: a way for leftists and feminists who live in social media bubbles, talking only to one another and demonizing anyone whose opinions vary, to “continue opposition to the myth, not the reality, of a Trump administration for political purposes.” In other words, a way to keep the left’s rage at a boiling point until the next election. That would explain why pro-life feminists were told they weren’t welcome, and why, when the protest organizers declared that “This is what democracy looks like,” they dismissed the 42% of women who voted for Trump (one of whom commented online that she’d already taken part in a massive Women's March in November: “Millions of us marched to the polls and voted for Trump.”) If this is truly what pure democracy looks like, then I understand why the Founders gave us a republic instead.

Supporters claim this rally shows how big the rabid anti-Trump movement is and how the left is going to come back strong and win every future election. We’ve heard that “demography is destiny” theory before. It’s based on the sexist/racist belief that people vote with their skin color or genitals, not their brains. Personally, I think it resembles more the evolution of a religious cult, becoming more extreme but smaller as it drives away all but the most hardcore believers. I suspect that all it accomplished was to convince Trump voters, both male and female, that they were right, and possibly even convince some Hillary voters that they dodged a bullet.

But enough commentary. I don’t want to be accused of “mansplaining.”