There used to be a saying that “patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” Liberals have so demeaned the word “patriotism” that they don’t dare try to hide behind that anymore when caught with their paws in the cookie jar, so they instead distract the public from their own perfidy by throwing out other ism’s, like accusing anyone who blows the whistle on them of sexism or racism.

The surest indicator of just how bad the Susan Rice story must be is the swiftness with which the unofficial Obama press agents at places like MSNBC have glossed over the revelations and gaping holes in her story and retreated directly to accusing her critics of racism and sexism.

Case in point: Chris Matthews and David Corn on MSNBC. They somehow already know that she did “nothing wrong,” but they said that I “had no shame” and that a tweet of mine about Rice possibly being measured for an orange jumpsuit was motivated by her race or her being female. No, it was motivated by the fact that she appears to be at the epicenter of the worst political scandal since Watergate, involving government surveillance of political opponents and illegally leaking the identities of US citizens to the media, a felony that carries a potential prison sentence of up to 10 years. Hence the “orange jumpsuit” reference. Good thing I didn’t toss in an “Orange is the New Black” joke. Imagine the racist connotations they’d see in that!

News flash: In a truly “post-racial” world, we should be able to criticize the behavior and policies of political figures without regard to their race or gender. Liberals who respond to all criticism, no matter how valid, by crying racism or sexism are demeaning the person they’re allegedly defending as much as the one they’re attacking. They are implying that the person’s policies are so bereft of substance that any criticism must be based solely on their gender or skin color, as if that’s all there is to them. In fact, it shows far more respect to criticize someone on substance than to defend them by reducing them to an identity group cliché.

Let Chris Matthews and David Corn say whatever they want about me, but I will not sit here and let them make racist and sexist comments about Susan Rice!

Incidentally, if my criticism of Susan Rice for what is only the latest in a series of partisan truth-torching statements is based on sexism and racism, then how do they explain my equally harsh assessment of people like Obama aide Ben Rhodes, a white, male, college-educated jerkwad who arrogantly chortled over the way he cursed the world with the Iran nuclear deal by playing ignorant liberal reporters like a cheap fiddle? I can assure you that if he had been the one who was allegedly behind subverting the government’s intelligence assets to target political opponents during an election, I would not be saying, “Well, he’s a white male, so I guess that’s okay then.”

Or for that matter, try to find a way to blame racism and sexism for my subterranean opinion of Chris Matthews. I think he’s squandered whatever molecules of journalistic integrity he might have once possessed through his never-ending efforts to recapture that first blush of love when he felt a thrill go up his leg as Obama spoke. Yet somehow, I manage to hold that low opinion of his work despite Chris not only being male, but also so white, he makes Casper the Friendly Ghost look like he fell asleep in a tanning bed.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go tweet that.