The Supreme Court just issued its first ruling authored by new Justice Neil Gorsuch, and it shows that Trump made the right choice in nominating him. The Court ruled unanimously that a 1977 law strictly regulating the actions of debt collectors doesn’t apply to companies that buy debts and attempt to collect them, since they’re not collection agencies but creditors. On the surface, that’s bad news for consumers, and Gorsuch wrote that “reasonable legislators” might want to alter the law to make it cover secondhand purchasers of debt. But on the positive side, he noted that the Court has no Constitutional power to rewrite legislation based on what it thinks Congress would have done in circumstance they didn’t consider. He said that Courts can only rule on the constitutionality of laws as they are written. Rewriting legislation is the job of Congress.

So let’s hope Congress gets to work rewriting that law ASAP, and that copies of Gorsuch’s ruling will be sent even faster to the judges at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.