Laugh of the Day: Maybe the Time Warner stockholders weren’t laughing, but in response to a charge at their shareholders’ meeting of obvious political bias at CNN, CEO Jeff Bewkes told them that CNN is “trying to keep it balanced and fair” and recommitted to an attempt “to be independent.”

Apparently, he said this with a straight face.

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The shareholders’ meeting happened to take place one day after Republicans were targeted at baseball practice by a rifle-wielding leftist. Have you noticed a change in the tone at CNN since Bewkes made that commitment to his investors? I realize it hasn’t been long, but they seem to be going full-tilt, as usual, against the Trump administration by gleefully passing along unconfirmed leaks that first appeared in the New York Times, another bastion of accuracy and objectivity. Any change is bound to be pathetically short-lived, the journalistic equivalent of a “moment of silence.”

Major news organizations operate under the assumption that if they tell us something, even with no evidence to back it up, we are to take it seriously. At this point, we know that’s just one more thing they’re wrong about. And when CNN defends itself as trying to be “balanced and fair,” we can take that for what it is –- a joke.