The investigation into the homicide of DNC staffer Seth Rich last July has taken a new turn, with a spokesman for his family saying that the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Police should be more forthcoming with information about the case. Obviously, this family has been through hell, and they’re right in seeing that the way to counter disturbing “hearsay and conspiracy theories” is with hard facts. But the police department has been uncharacteristically reticent about this particular case.

Typically in an unsolved case, they release surveillance video of the crime scene in an effort to obtain more information. In fact, they’ve had 12 such cases just in the past week. But in this case, when the Daily Caller asked them if such footage existed, they neither confirmed nor denied it, though we now know from the public incident report obtained by their reporters that at least three officers at the scene were wearing body cams. The department also denied a Freedom Of Information Act request for information relating to the crime; the denial is under appeal. They say they’re in communication with the family but are releasing no information at this time.

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Attorney and lobbyist Jack Burkman is –- like Seth’s family –- frustrated by all the talk, the lack of leads, and also by what he perceives as “no action.” He’s leading an independent investigation called “The Profiling Project” with volunteer professors and graduate students from George Washington University’s Student Association for Forensic Psychology. He’s also put up a $105,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of those responsible for Seth’s killing, and he’s challenged the DNC (which he says has “done nothing” to help), RNC and Sean Hannity to match that amount. He’s also suing in the DC Superior Court to force the police to release the video footage, additional security video, the medical examiner’s report and ballistics evidence.

According to Roll Call, the 27-year-old Rich was employed with the DNC as the director for “voter expansion” and worked on a computer application for helping voters find polling places. He’d worked there for two years and had just taken a job with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. And, yes, “hearsay and conspiracy theories” are swirling around what he may have been involved in, so the best way to to deal with those is with the correct information.