There was a recent mass round-up of dozens of illegal immigrants in Michigan that might have the Trump Administration taking a second look at its policy. The subjects facing deportation are Iraqi Christians. ICE says they’ve all been convicted of crimes, some serious. But their families say they’ve long since paid their debts for the crimes, and if they’re sent back to Iraq, where 80% of the Christian population has already fled for their lives, they’ll have no protections and it would be like sending cattle to the slaughter.

If Trump makes an exception for these Christians, then liberals will likely accuse him of favoring Christians over Muslims (they don’t seem to care much for “nuance” when it comes to tarring his immigration policies with accusations of religious prejudice). But America’s immigration and deportation laws have long allowed for the favoring of one group over another if the people would face death upon being returned to their native countries, and Iraqi Christians have been designated as victims of genocide. It’s a complicated and potentially tragic situation. If the Trump Administration doesn’t address it, then there’s already a federal lawsuit being planned to stay the deportations, so this won’t be the last you’ll hear of it

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