One of the few bright spots to arise during yesterday’s day of awful news was the reaction of political leaders to the attack on Republican Congress members by a rage-filled leftist. Bernie Sanders was horrified to learn that the shooter had been a supporter of his, and he issued a strong statement condemning violence in pursuit of political motives. Both House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Trump offered eloquent comments, calling for unity and appealing to people’s better natures to renounce violence and hatred and see political opponents as fellow human beings. Nancy Pelosi stood and offered rare praise and support for Ryan, and many Democrats even praised Trump, some likely for the first time in their lives.

And in a gesture that carries immense symbolic weight, today’s annual Democrats vs. Republicans charity baseball game, a friendly, bipartisan tradition since 1909, will go ahead as planned, with both teams wearing LSU gear in honor of Rep. Scalise. That’s the first home run we’ve seen out of Washington in quite a while.