Protecting the lives of unborn children has always been of vital importance to me, and I know that other pro-life conservatives are wrestling with backing Donald Trump because of his previous pro-choice statements. But he made some interesting comments about that to Bill O’Reilly. Trump said he has become pro-life due to a number of situations, one specifically. He declined to name it, but I wonder if having eight grandchildren might have made him rethink what abortion really means. It’s not uncommon for people to experience a sincere change of heart on this issue. But can Trump convince pro-life voters that he is sincere about it?

Whatever his personal reasons, Trump said he will appoint only pro-life judges to the Supreme Court. I hope pro-life voters will take a leap of faith and support Trump and that he will keep his promise to us. There is only one other alternative. And if Hillary Clinton is allowed to become President and appoint Supreme Court Justices, then it's a certainty that the lives of the unborn will have even less protection than the rights and freedoms of those who are already born.

Watch the video of Trump on O’Reilly, then share your opinion below.

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