Former comedian Kathy Griffin had to issue an abject apology after she sparked a media firestorm by putting out a photo of herself holding a fake bloody, severed head of President Trump (apparently, "D-list" now stands for "Decapitation.") After even fellow liberals such as Deborah Messing and Chelsea Clinton condemned the sickening, violent political imagery, suggestive of ISIS beheadings and presidential assassinations, Griffin issued a video saying she was sorry and that it was just a joke that “went too far.” Kind of hard to believe she was sincerely surprised by the negative reaction, since an earlier video from the photo session showed her joking with the photographer about how much outrage this would spark and that she would be arrested or have to move to Mexico.

Frankly, I don’t believe this was a “joke” any more than I believe in the sincerity of her apology. It was just a pathetic stab at getting attention, which sadly worked. It was also the latest low in political discourse, which has been ratcheting steadily downward as “progressives” continue to refuse to accept that they lost the election and keep lashing out like angry, immature teenagers. From launching Twitter outrage mobs over every little thing Trump says and does to physically assaulting peaceful Trump supporters to a press that floats endless would-be scandal stories based on shady, unnamed sources to Democratic party leaders cursing in front of children and leading crowds in profane chants to passing off incitements of assassination as a “joke,” the incivility spirals downward daily. And of course, it’s always Trump’s fault. He makes them act this way. His very existence as President creates a “culture of violence” that forces them to behave like aggressive, foul-mouthed savages. He’s like the old radio character, Lamont Cranston (“The Shadow”), who had the power to cloud men’s minds, except he clouds only liberal minds, which were already pretty foggy to begin with.

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Well, I refuse to give Kathy Griffin any more of the attention she craves like heroin. I won’t encourage more of these tantrums. I’ll just point out that her actions yesterday caused a toilet accessories company called Squatty Potty for which she had done a commercial to issue a statement distancing itself from her. Consider what “Squatty Potty” is normally associated with. Then reflect that it thinks it’s much worse to be associated with this kind of behavior. That should tell you just how badly the current leftist attitude stinks: they've sunk below the societal acceptance level of excrement.