Saturday Night Live took some real shots at the movie, “God’s Not Dead 2.” It’s the same old tired liberal narrative that if you don’t agree with a radical departure from the norms of history regarding marriage and support a total upheaval of the definition of marriage, you’re a “hater” or a “bigot.” You would think that critics of Christianity could come up with something original, but doesn’t appear they can. My good friend Pat Boone, who is in the film (I played a small cameo role), is speaking out and we should show our support.

The best way to counter religious intolerance toward Christians is not to “boycott” the offender, but “buy-cott” those who stand for Biblical truth. I am urging believers across America to buy a ticket to God’s Not Dead 2 while it’s in the theaters. The more successful a film like this is, the more insignificant will be the smears. Nothing irritates the irreligious left more than when Christians are successful in getting their message out. Below are stories about the SNL denigration of the film. Understand, I like comedy and I like satire. And I wouldn’t call for SNL to be “censored” because that doesn’t prove anything or make things better. Let them say what they wish. Let’s just stand with those who speak truth. If you haven’t seen God’s Not Dead 2, please go. Encourage friends and neighbors to do so as well. Post on your FB and tweet about it. After you see the movie, post your impressions of it and the message.