Democrats are gathering up the shards of their shattered anti-Trump hopes after last week’s James Comey testimony (even Chris Matthews admitted that their entire “Russian collusion” fantasy to explain Hillary’s loss “came apart”) and soothing themselves with cherry-picked quotes and misleading headlines. To show how out of touch with reality the mainstream media have become, one of the most popular liberal newspaper headlines from the hearing over the weekend was “Comey Says Trump Lied.” Well, yes, he did – but was that really the big news to come out of that hearing? Comey’s claim about Trump lying was nothing but a self-serving denial of his assertion that he fired Comey because he’d lost the confidence of the FBI staff. It’s hard to remember, in light of the Democrats’ sudden embrace of Comey two seconds after Trump fired him, but by that point, he’d lost the confidence of pretty much everybody.

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To show how much his staff supported him, within minutes of the hearing ending, FBI employees were emailing copies of their employment agreement to the media to prove that he’d violated it in leaking FBI notes to the New York Times (all such notes are FBI work product and not personal property, and exposing them outside the agency carries serious consequences). Besides, consider how much hubris it takes for an official in a position of high trust to claim that he leaked a confidential government document while hiding his identity behind a third party “beard,” all because he didn’t think his boss met his high standards for honesty and trustworthiness. The mind reels.