Today's Commentary:  Obama vs Trump -- The Battle for Jerusalem -- Repaying Our Wounded Heroes

Under Obama, about 20 nations resisted taking back their illegal immigrants slated for deportation. We were told that was just how it was, we couldn’t force them to take their criminals back. And so they stayed here, endangering American citizens. Less than four months after Trump took office, that number has dropped to 12 as eight nations are now complying with US immigration laws (so far). It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you have a leader who doesn’t assume that anything that’s difficult for him personally must therefore be impossible.

Happy Friday America!


Mike Huckabee

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The Battle for Jerusalem

By Mike Huckabee

The Christian Broadcasting Network’s documentaries division has produced a new docu-drama called “In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalem" that tells the story of a miraculous Israeli victory in a paratrooper battle during the Six-Day War. It will be in theaters nationwide on May 23rd only, through Fathom Events. The movie’s narrator and CBN CEO Gordon Robertson explained that this film is important because so few Americans understand what’s happening in the Middle East, even on the 50th anniversary of that turning point in history.

He sounds a lot like me when he points out that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas was lying through his teeth to President Trump recently when he claimed that Palestinian children are raised to honor peace. In fact, they’re raised and even taught in schools to hate and kill Jews. What their government actually honors is murderers: they named a town square after a man who booby-trapped a refrigerator with explosives and killed 15 Israelis. He notes that most Americans don’t realize that a portion of our foreign aid goes to a Palestinian government “Pay to Slay” program that gives terrorists and their families a monthly payment on a sliding scale based on how badly they injured Israelis. There can be no hope for a legitimate peace agreement until the Palestinian leadership stops encouraging and rewarding the hatred and slaughter of Jews.


Repaying Our Wounded Heroes

By Mike Huckabee

If you’re sick of being expected to get riled up over fake news, then here’s a story that richly deserves public outrage. A heroic, highly-decorated veteran of both the US Army and Marines was horrifically wounded in battle and endured amputations and 73 surgeries. But he didn’t want to live on disability, so he fought his painful way back to being employed. But now, he’s being dunned by the Social Security Administration, the IRS and the VA for nearly $100,000 in alleged overpayments of disability and other benefits. This despite the fact that he’s tried over and over to get them to correct the mistakes and stop sending checks. He returns checks that they simply resend, then they harass him for repayment. He’s already been though the hell of war, and now he’s trapped in bureaucratic Hell.

Is this how we repay our wounded heroes, the thanks we offer not only for his incredible sacrifice but for his insistence on being self-sufficient and not living on disability? And is this what some people have in mind when they try to “protect” the bureaucracy from any attempts to reform it or to fire incompetent federal employees?

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