For those who think I defend President Trump no matter what, out of party loyalty or whatever: nope, I just call things the way I see them. Sometimes that means defending Trump because I think his actions are correct and the criticism of him is hypocritical, hysterical and purely partisan. But when I disagree with what he’s doing, I say so. And I must say I was disappointed in his breaking of a campaign promise to recognize Jerusalem as the legitimate capital of Israel and to move the US Embassy there.

It’s claimed that Trump’s signing of a waiver to keep the Embassy in Tel Aviv for another six months (Congress approved the move to Jerusalem in 1995, and Presidents have been delaying it “by six months” for 22 years) is just a “bargaining chip” to give him more time to negotiate the move without upsetting Arab leaders. But frankly, anything we do that shows support for Israel will upset Arab leaders, so who cares? Besides, this doesn’t just show support for Israel, it recognizes reality.

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Like Charlie Brown hoping that Lucy won’t yank away the football yet again, we can hope this is the last six-month delay. But Trump had the perfect opportunity and platform to keep his promise and announce the Embassy move when he was in Israel and had just met with Arab leaders. It was a disappointment and a blown opportunity. That’s how I see it, and I’m calling it that way.