It’s never a comfortable spot to be in when your boss is complaining about you on Twitter and in the New York Times, as Attorney General Jeff Sessions is finding out. Even more worrisome is when you still have the job, but the media are already speculating on your replacement.

Here’s a little comfort for Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Rudy Giuliani insists that he has no interest in taking over Sessions’ job. In fact, that might be Sessions’ best guarantee of job security: nobody else wants his job. Giuliani also said that he told President Trump that he agreed with Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the Russia investigation and thought it was the correct decision under Justice Department regulations.

Then again, if everyone obeyed Justice Department conflict-of-interest regulations, there wouldn’t be any controversy over how to deal with special counsel Robert Mueller because he would have stepped aside himself, the minute we learned that his chief witness, James Comey, was his former protégé and leaked his notes to the New York Times to manipulate the appointment of his former mentor as special counsel. These guys couldn’t be any deeper in each other’s pockets if they were roommates at a pickpockets’ convention.