The uproar over James Comey’s firing continued through Mother’s Day and looks likely to still be foaming away on Father’s Day. Liberals haven’t been this upset over someone leaving a job since Jon Stewart quit “The Daily Show.”

The latest demand is for a special prosecutor (someone unconstrained by time, budget or any other limits, like the one who investigated Bill Clinton – did Democrats really like the way that worked out?) to look into a 19-word Trump tweet. Trump wrote that before Comey leaks to the press, he should consider if there might be “tapes” of their conversations. That set off cries of “another Watergate!” (Democrats react to any whiff of Republican scandal as predictably as elephants react to mice in old cartoons).

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As anxious as we all are to grind the government to a halt, ignore every pressing issue and waste a lot of taxpayer money on a never-ending investigation into things that most likely never even happened, let’s all take a deep breath and ponder the differences between Trump’s tweet and the Watergate tapes. First, Trump never said there were tapes. Second, even if there are, as the linked article points out, it would be perfectly legal in DC for him to make them. Third, Nixon was trying to prevent the release of tapes that might incriminate him. Trump seemed to be implying that if any such tapes exist, they would support his version of events and he would release them.

Fourth, and this is the major point that all of Trump’s critics calling for endless investigations continue to ignore: Russia didn’t cost Hillary Clinton the election. Hillary Clinton cost Hillary Clinton the election.

Personally, I still can’t figure out why anyone thinks Putin wanted Trump to win. Put aside partisan politics; just on the basis of common sense, why would Putin prefer the USA to be run by an America-first proponent who promised to rebuild the US military instead of a woman who’d already okayed the sale of 20% of America’s uranium to Russia? Between Russian donations to the Clinton Foundation and the classified information he’d likely hacked from her unsecure email server, if she’d become President, maybe he could have gotten a bargain rate on the other 80%.