Planned Parenthood finally released its long-overdue 2015-2016 annual report, and it’s now obvious why they dragged their feet as long as possible. It confirms every criticism of PP: the organization that masquerades as a “women’s health care provider” provided fewer actual health services to fewer women than ever, while performing more abortions and taking more taxpayer money than ever.

Compared to its last annual report, Planned Parenthood served about 100,000 fewer women nationwide, yet performed over 4300 more abortions (328,348 total) and fewer pap tests, cancer screenings, breast exams, HPV vaccinations, colposcopy and cryotherapy procedures, vasectomies and female sterilization procedures. Total cancer screenings, prevention services, pap tests and breast exams are all down by nearly half in the past five years. For the first time, last year, PP actually performed more abortions than breast exams. Yet it’s not an abortion mill, it’s a “women's health care clinic.” Sure, and men subscribe to Playboy for the articles.

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They also took in a record $554.6 million in government funding and $1.354 billion in total revenues for a record annual profit of $77 million. All while claiming that no federal money is spent on abortions, as required by law. That’s getting harder and harder to believe, as their abortion total continues to balloon while their non-abortion services shrink away. What is Planned Parenthood spending all our money on, if not abortions? Certainly not on state-of-the-art hidden camera detectors.