Early in his Administration, President Trump had a successful and productive meeting with President Xi of China. And he has been patient in allowing China to try to rein in the ever-more-belligerent North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un. But that insane rogue regime is not only holding Americans in jail, it has, to put it bluntly, murdered an American citizen by allowing student Otto Warmbier to waste away in a coma for month after month without returning him home or providing him with proper medical care.

I’m sure that Trump doesn’t want to launch a military response, but we cannot allow rogue regimes to murder American citizens with impunity. And the longer we wait to deal with it, the more dangerous North Korea becomes as it continues its tests of ICBMs that could carry nuclear warheads.

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Yesterday, Trump sent out a tweet that expressed his appreciation to China for trying to help with North Korea, but added that “it has not worked out. At least I know China tried!” If you don’t get the message, trust me, China gets it loud and clear. Trump signaled to China and the world that their efforts to rein in Kim Jong Un have failed, and something new must be tried, but this need not affect the US-China relationship if they don’t want it to. However, it also lets China know that if they don’t want America to take over dealing with Kim, then they’d better move fast. I don’t think there’s ever been an example of so much diplomatic meaning packed into fewer than 140 characters.