Fox News just reported that two inside sources say the Clinton Foundation has been under a very high-priority investigation for over a year by the FBI's white collar criminal division. Agents have been actively and aggressively pursuing the case and had amassed a great deal of evidence even before the WikiLeaks releases, and an avalanche of new evidence is coming in. The limited immunity agreements Hillary's aides signed that involved the destruction of their devices are null and void if they lied about anything (and what are the odds of that?!)

And here's the big news that will rock the Clinton campaign: the source says those devices have NOT been destroyed and are in the possession of FBI investigators in Washington where they are being exploited right now.

Meanwhile, Andrew McCarthy of National Review told Fox News it appears there may be a move afoot by the DOJ and Peter Kadzik to argue that emails sent by State Department staffers on personal servers after work hours are not government records. Sounds like an attempt to lock the barn door after the horses already got out and galloped in front of a freight train. Here's McCarthy's latest recap of the whole smelly affair: