When we hear about the persecution of Christians in other nations, many think of nations ruled by Islamic extremists or communist dictators. We don’t tend to think of India. But outside the modern, multi-cultural cities, in rural tribal villages, the local version of Hinduism isn’t the peaceful religion Westerners picture.

The All India Christian Council reports that in 2016, attacks on Christians by Hindu radicals rose 20%, with an attack being reported every 40 hours on average, and the attacks becoming more severe. They include beatings, vandalism, burning Bibles, torching Christian churches, death threats and forcing Christians to renounce their faith and convert to Hinduism. This linked story talks about one village where 15 families were ordered to pay devastating fines just for attending church on Easter, and their only way out was to reconvert back to Hinduism. But one man said they can make him stop going to church, but they can’t take Jesus from his heart and he’ll continue to worship his own way in secret.

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Follow the link to read the full story and see a clip from a film about the subject by Romy Downey. It’s quite eye-opening. Especially if you’re one of those liberals who keep claiming that Christians aren’t really being persecuted.