The Huffington Post is scrambing to distance itself from an article it ran just one week ago, in which HuffPo contributor Jason Fuller called for President Trump, his staff and top GOP Congressional leaders to be arrested, tried and convicted for treason, and summarily executed. Fuller argued that anything less would send a message to the world that America has lost its moral compass. Because nothing screams “morality” like holding kangaroo court trials for people you disagree with politically, then summarily killing them.

While HuffPo’s editors desperately try to pretend that they’ve never met this “Fuller” person, Fuller is standing by his article “100%,” and he doesn’t understand why HuffPo won’t stand by it, too. He figures that with all the things they’ve said about Trump and his supporters, HuffPo’s editors should agree that they should be investigated, put on trial, then executed under the law if found guilty. And you have to admit, he has a point.

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HuffPo has fanned the flames of vicious, partisan lunacy for months, and if they really believe that even half of what they've said about Trump and Republicans in general is true, then they should endorse executing history’s greatest monsters. Maybe the fact that they don’t want to endorse that shows that the Scalise shooting shocked them into growing up and realizing how much harm their poison was causing to our society. Or maybe they just finally realized what most of us have known for a long time now: nothing you read on HuffPo should ever be taken seriously.